Marriage Strategies, Clomid, Dollars Trade and Pc Gaming in the Philippines

Lifetime for a foreign expat in the Philippines is very very good and most days it certainly is “sunny skies and quite Pinays.” Of course, there are moments when the unrelenting heat, plumes of burning trash and columns of diesel fumes get as well be a little bit substantially, but overall, everyday living in the Philippines is quite durn great.  

Wedding day Ideas
Soon after figuring out Sara for a few yrs and living with each other for the previous two decades, it’s now time to get married.  Having in no way been married right before, the system is unfamiliar to me, but looking at as how a bunch of other folks have finished it in the earlier, I am absolutely sure we can determine it out.  We will likely get married around December of this year and will have begin putting some considered into the location.  I am leaning towards a very simple ceremony someplace around Negros Oriental with just her immediate loved ones.  I would not head undertaking a thing at a seaside vacation resort down about Dauin, but I have to discuss to Sara to see if that is Alright with her household. Immediately after all this time, I nonetheless just can’t consider how considerably I lucked out in conference her – she truly helps make my lifestyle so significantly superior for just currently being on it.

She actually is more than I are entitled to.  ?

As some of you know, I commenced having clomid (clomiphene citrate) about 4 or 5 months ago since I was emotion lethargic all the time.  The drug – which is a feminine fertility drug also made use of by bodybuilders to raise their body’s testosterone production – doubled my check ranges in a few months (410 to 840) and definitely helped with the lethargy.  It also experienced a substantial effect on my time in the gym with all of my lifts going up.  The downside is that it worked Far too properly – I obtained a ton of entire body mass (most of it muscle) but I truly did not want to acquire that considerably weight, so I stopped having it about a month ago.  I have lost some of the body weight I gained considering the fact that stopping, and in yet another pair of months I will get a further blood test to see how and if my testosterone degrees have modified.  

Clomid = Large Score on Hammer of the Gods

Money Trade
To consider whole economic gain of residing in the Philippines, it is most effective to trade your bucks for pesos when the greenback is solid.  The good thing is, the US financial state is performing very properly and as a outcome, the exchange amount previous month reached 47.75.  My individual coverage is to wait til the price is good and then trade a fantastic chunk of improve.  Final month, I converted $5,0000 USD at XChange at Robinson’s Shopping mall.  In return, I received 238,750 pesos, turning a quick pile of US bucks into a tall stack of Philippine pesos.  I am anticipating the dollar to continue on to improve, so if and when it hits 48, I will exchange extra – and if goes to 49, I will do so yet again.  When I 1st arrived in the Philippines, the charge was down to 42 and the Euro was exchanging a great deal greater.  Now, it’s superior to be an American (trade intelligent) and the Euro (and lots of other Western currencies) has taken a fairly lousy hit from the peso.


I love gaming – it is a little something I have been rather passionate about ever because I was a child.  The Fallout collection is 1 of my favorites, and I had been anticipating the launch of the Fallout 4 for really some time.  I bought it upon launch (on Steam) and started off participating in the following working day.  For individuals who treatment absolutely nothing for computer (or console) gaming, Fallout 4 is established in article apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts, and I acquired to explain to you, wandering about my nuke-ruined dwelling town and fighting off tremendous mutants was a pretty surreal practical experience.  Over-all, it was really comparable to Fallout 3 and I was originally set off by this.  I bought deeper into it, nevertheless,  I arrived to appreciate the enhanced gameplay and deep crafting process that Fallout 3 did not have. 

Moreover, it’s often great to make your character seem like you – check out the screenshot I took of my “toon” soon after the generation procedure. 

Dwelling in a Digital Globe

Animal Companions
Angel the askal is the newest addition to the Philippine Existence Workforce.  “Askal” is a Tagalog conjunction of “asong kalye” (street puppy) and we kidnapped her immediately after a person our Filipino neighbors (our landlord in fact) moved to a diverse community and just remaining her powering.  She had been wandering the place at any time considering that she was deserted, and after chatting with Sara, we made the decision to adopt her.  And it looks to have worked out –  After luring her into the lawn with a path of chicken bones and giving her some scratches and claims of constant meals, she agreed to remain.  Considering the fact that then, she has been great – our very own minimal four-legged alarm program that fortunately does not chew up sneakers or rip by means of our garbage.  She is also having along effectively with The Cat, despite the fact that there was one particular instance when Angel growled and bared her fangs when The Cat bought to shut to her foods.

Feral dogs and cats are really widespread in the Philippines.  Here’s a shot of a semi-feral cat hanging out with Sara and I at Gabby’s Bistro – she was hoping to steal our ice cream…..

furry ice product thief
Men’s Furnishings??
Sara in her pure habit…

And finally, here’s a tally of nations that invest the most time on Pornhub, one particular of the greatest porn websites in the planet.  Continuing its tradtion of excellence, the Philippines once yet again will come in initially put!!!   Both Filipinos really, genuinely like porn or it just could possibly be an indication of how terrible the net in this article is – waiting around for porn to buffer is a national tradition!


philippines wins pornhub time on site