MATMO/Henry could become dangerous

MATMO/Henry could grow to be hazardous

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry continued on a just about westward keep track of and approached the Philippine islands throughout the past 24 several hours. This early morning the middle was at 645 km east-northeast of Siargao Island. Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry is intensifying. 

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry troubles forecasters. Rather of going straight north, it moved westward. You may possibly want to examine with yesterday’s forecast …

Yesterday’s forecast is proper, today’s forecast is still left.

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry not only moved westward, it also obtained significantly more powerful. The central tension of the system went down from 996 to 985 hPa. Windspeeds increased from 65 km/h to 101 km/h close to the centre. Gustiness is now up at 148 km/h. Al storm data arrives from JMA.

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry

The US navy forecast is a bit a lot less menacing for the Philippines. But also the navy predicts that the storm will hit the Batanes Islands.

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry

We just received a red alert from GDACS. GDACS is a cooperation framework amongst the United Nations, the European Commission and catastrophe managers all over the world to increase alerts, facts exchange and coordination in the to start with period just after main unexpected-onset disasters.

Identify (INTL. / community): MATMA  /Henry
Class: Tropical Storm
Time/Date of observation: 05:00 AM on July 19, 2014
Area of Center: 11.2º North 131.0º East
Relocating Way and Pace: West @ 25 km/h
Moving in direction of: Batanes Islands
Distance from the Philippines: 655 km ENE of Surigao
Believed Day / Time of Landfall: n/a
Max. Wind Speed around Heart: 101 km/h
Peak Wind Gusts: 148 km/h
Minimal Central Force: 985 hPa
Diameter: 445 km
24h Rainfall in the vicinity of Heart: 200 – 450 mm
Max. Wave Top: n/a
In this article you discover how to examine and have an understanding of this data 

 Nearly authentic-time storm facts

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