Cervin Matterhorn

Matterhorn Inform Level 3 – PHIVOLCS presents Enable

Matterhorn also known as Mount Cervin is on Notify Level 3. Just after 1000’s of many years in dormant condition the only Swiss volcano yesterday suddenly confirmed indications of extreme activity.

As Switzerland has no resident volcanologists, PHIVOLCS instantly provided to dispatch properly trained employees to the place in the centre of Europe. The only issue PHIVOLCS faces, a spokesperson described, is to come across satisfactory gear. At temperatures about -25°C (-13°F) the usual sandals, shorts and t-shirts wouldn’t enough secure the PHIVOLCS group users. A member of the Swiss club in Manila presented to commence a funding procedure to get the lacking things.

Cervin Matterhorn Picture courtesy of 20min.ch


The Matterhorn (German: Matterhorn , Italian: Monte Cervino  French: Mont Cervin  is a mountain of the Alps, straddling the major watershed and border concerning Switzerland and Italy. It is a enormous and near-symmetrical pyramidal peak in the Monte Rosa place of the Pennine Alps, whose summit is 4,478 metres (14,692 ft) higher, creating it 1 of the optimum summits in the Alps and Europe. The four steep faces, climbing higher than the bordering glaciers, experience the four compass details.


From the Camiguin Motion Geckos we learned that a Swiss team of 6 mountaineers a short while ago climbed Mount Hibok-Hibok, Camiguins energetic volcano (Warn Stage ).  The youngest volcano, and the only traditionally active just one, is Hibok-Hibok. It lies at the NW end of the island, about 6 km NW of Mt. Mambajao. This andesitic-to-rhyolitic volcano includes a number of lava domes, together with Mt. Vulcan on its NW flank. Important eruptions all through 1871-75 and 1948-53 formed flank lava domes at Hibok-Hibok and produced pyroclastic flows that devastated coastal villages.

Swiss Mountaineers on Hibok-Hibok Photo courtesy of Camiguin Motion Geckos

We hope that these 6 Swiss mountaineers will carry back again their newly acquired awareness back to Switzerland to help Swiss authorities to master the Matterhorn incident.

[Editor’s comment:] Yesterday’s partial Solar Eclipse must have broken some of my remaining mind cells. It is much more pleasurable not to compose usually so significant article content. ? 

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