Mayon Volcano is highly active

Mayon Volcano is highly energetic

Mayon Volcano is highly active. This morning’s report from PHIVOLCS suggests a steady boost of activity. Mayon Volcano’s notify position is on Level 3.

Mayon from Naga
Mayon Volcano (serious appropriate) noticed early in the morning from Naga Metropolis

Mayon Volcano’s seismic network recorded a single hundred forty-two (142) volcanic earthquakes and two hundred fifty-a person (251) rockfall gatherings throughout the previous 24-hour observation period of time. Average emission of white steam plumes that drifted south southwest was noticed. Rain clouds lined the summit blocking visible observation.
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) flux was calculated at an regular of 757 tonnes/day on 17 September 2014 though SO2 emission costs peaked at 2,360 tonnes/day on 6 September 2014.
Ground deformation information confirmed inflationary modifications in the edifice from February 2014 based mostly on specific leveling surveys on the 3rd week of August 2014, and edifice inflation from January 2012 baselines centered on constant tilt measurement.

All the earlier mentioned info point out that the volcano is exhibiting relatively significant unrest due to the movement of possibly eruptible magma.
(Supply: PHIVOLCS)


Do not method Mount Mayon. Owing to lousy weather with rainfall there is nothing at all to see. The rainfall makes the volcano even additional hazardous and can final result in lahars. A lahar is a variety of mudflow or particles move composed of a slurry of pyroclastic material, rocky particles, and water. The product flows down from a volcano, usually together a river valley. These lahars may perhaps impede any escape route.

Tropical Storm  FUNG-WONG/Mario is approaching and may convey rainfalls of 50 to 250 mm.

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