Mayon Volcano - New Lava Flow

Mayon Volcano – New Lava Circulation

Mayon Volcano – Following one 7 days, a new lava movement was noticed at restive Mayon Volcano this morning.  The lava flow was noticed short after 6 a.m.this morning. It may be lengthier than the 350 meters flow of a week back. Phivolcs will maintain a different aerial survey to come across out extra about the lava flow.

Today’s PHIVOLCS report:

Mayon Volcano’s (13.2500°N, 123.6833°E) seismic network recorded two (2) volcanic earthquakes throughout the previous 24-hour observation period of time. Average emission of white steam plumes drifting west and northwest was noticed. Crater glow was not observed previous night owing to inclement weather. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) flux was calculated at an typical of 269 tonnes/day on Oct 17, 2014. Floor deformation info on October 14-16, 2014 confirmed deflation at the foundation of the edifice relative to Oct 4-10, 2014 specific leveling study even though the edifice stays inflated in contrast to baseline measurements. Tilt information also point out continuous inflation at the base of the edifice considering the fact that August 2014. All the earlier mentioned data reveal that the volcano is continue to in a condition of unrest thanks to the motion of most likely eruptible magma.

Mayon Volcano’s inform standing stays at Inform Level 3. This implies that magma is at the crater and that dangerous eruption is possible inside of weeks. It is suggested that the 6-km radius Long term Hazard Zone (PDZ) close to the volcano and the 7-km Prolonged Threat Zone (EDZ) on the southeastern flank be enforced because of to the threat of rock falls, landslides and unexpected explosions or dome collapse that might produce harmful volcanic flows. PHIVOLCS maintains close monitoring of Mayon Volcano and any new development will be communicated to all involved stakeholders.

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