ming's & more - new food quality in Camiguin

ming’s & a lot more – new food stuff high-quality in Camiguin

ming’s & more – new meals excellent in Camiguin! This early morning at 08:08 a.m. Ludy and Peter Ming have opened their specialized Deli and Meat shop in Kuguita, Camiguin.

ming's & more
Ribbon slicing at 08:08 a.m. Ludy, Stephanie and Peter.

ming’s & much more provides fantastic points with community substances, neighborhood staff members and community machines. We are a smaller crew of indigenous people lead by Swiss expatriate Peter Ming. Their satisfied prospects are dining establishments, resorts and non-public individuals. This is why you may perhaps come across and savor ming’s & far more products and solutions anyplace on Camiguin island. Check with your chef …

You might want to pay a visit to the ming’s & much more site.

First of all, ming’s & extra produces and processes meat. When you dwell in the Philippines, you know how challenging it is to come across meat and meat solutions of fantastic top quality. Imported meat goods are industrial food items full of substances and preservatives. Neighborhood butcher lack the know-how of slicing and processing. This is the market Peter found out.

ming’s & additional grow their personal pigs or obtain them from farmers they know. The key is concealed in the herbs recipes and the cigarette smoking method. Ludy and Peter have their own herbs back garden very well secluded forest clearing.

ming's & more
Very first shoppers examine the give of ming’s & additional store.

One particular can not consume only meat. ming’s & extra have connected a compact benefit retail outlet to their meat processing business enterprise. In this shop a single finds other fantastic matters in particular from Peter’s origins – Switzerland. A great side-dish, the “Spaetzle” are also made in Kuguita.

ming's & more
The vacuumized “Spaetzle” are in the middle.

You can buy ming’s & a lot more on the online in their world-wide-web-store or go by at their on-web-site retail outlet in Kuguita, Camiguin

ming's & more

The shop in a secluded forest clearing. A avenue sign on the freeway in Kuguita implies the 250 meters entry highway via a tropical forest.

Excellent luck Ludy, Stephanie and Peter.

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