My doc is also an artist

My doc is also an artist

This early morning I received a message on fb from my dentist. With a major shock I found that my doc is also an artist. 

Some years ago I misplaced a few of my tooth when I banged with my head on my surfboard. My fantastic aged mate, Ernst, understood a very good dentist in Boracay. So I passed 3 months of vacation on White Beach and experienced my mouth reshaped. Edeleine P. Brutton did a superb perform. And now, 5 years afterwards, I continue to bite challenging.

Edeleine P. Brutton , DDM
Boracay 4/7/2009 at St. Angelique Ortho Dental Clinic with Edeleine P. Brutton and her assistants. Watch my new smile ?

As I wrote earlier mentioned, Edeleine P. Brutton, is not only an artist in the mouth of her customers, she is also an exceptional photographer. She publishes her photos under her artist’s name Lhen Brutton.

Lhen Brutton
Lhen Brutton
Lhen Brutton

All pictures – besides the very first one – are courtesy of Lhen Brutton.

We are looking forward to assembly her and her family members once again with a bright smile – this time in Camiguin.


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