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new Everyday living for the Motion Geckos

The Camiguin Action Geckos have a new dive-boat. It’s name: Kinabuhi. Kinabuhi means Existence in Visayan language. For people who know the “Geckos”, this name symbolizes the earlier, the present and the long term. The past we simply cannot change. The current is so quick, that it is now at when we think of it. Remains the foreseeable future. Very good luck, Geckos!

Final yr, in December, tropical storm JANGMI / Seniang took their dive-boat and smashed it to items on our seashore in Agoho, Camiguin. Fortuitously the Philippine lifestyle has an expression for what to do in such a situation: Bahala-na! “Bahala Na” interprets practically as “leave it up to God (Bathala)” and it is utilized as an expression, almost universally, in Filipino culture. (see also below).

Kinabuhi – the Film out?v=xwXIZNql0JQ

[Editor’s comment:] I experience really honored getting been with the Geckos this morning on the 1st dive trip with the model-new “Kinabuhi”. The seashore in Agoho, Camiguin is now, at the conclusion of the Amihan period, at its smallest width of the yr. We hadn’t to press the boat a great deal on the sand to bring it to the sea.
The boat makes a genuinely very good pace with its two engines. Who reported noisy? It took us significantly less than 10 minutes to get to the western slope of white island. Just right before we arrived at our vacation spot, I could a glimpse on a sea-turtle who acquired its breath on the floor. What a welcome! 
A bounce from the boat and down to the fishes. NOPE! The previous male with the pink fins forgot his 8 kilograms (sic!) of direct ballast and popped up like a cork.

The 47 minutes “family-dive” with Kaisa, Arno, Romeo and me had been a pleasure. The h2o was 29°C warm and visibility had been great. A slight underwater recent moved us without the need of any efforts along the slope. On our way we encountered turtles, frog-fishes of different colour shades and many hundreds of other fishes whose names I do knot know. 

Many thanks to the Camiguin Action Geckos and huge heat substantial to Michèle, who could not be with us to rejoice this massive minute.

From Camiguin with Appreciate.



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