147 Megawatt (only) !

No Electric power in Mindanao

Past evening, about 03:00 a.m. it began to get heat in the bedroom. The enthusiast did not do the job anymore. Rationale: Brownout.

The whole Mindanao Electricity Grid unsuccessful. Mindanao and related islands ended up simply a black spot on the map.
More than 5 hours following the lights went out, no officers experienced an explanation for how the electrical power died in excess of such a broad area of the country. And for how lengthy it will last.

Here in Camiguin we had power just for the breakfast espresso. Immediately after we had to engage in on batteries yet again. At 01:18 p.m., 70% of the grid experienced been back again to its authentic potential – at the very least officials claimed.

Through the entire afternoon in the brightest sunshine we experienced energy. But given that 06:18 p.m. we are yet again sitting in the dark. We have the darkish sensation that it will be dim tonight again.


Fortuitously we invested some pesos a calendar year in the past and put in solar panels, batteries and all more than the home LED lamps. This LED lamps are consuming practically no electric power, so one battery billed at 100% can provide plenty of electricity for 3 times of brown-out.

We will invest a little bit extra now. So we can work admirers and fridges with photo voltaic electric power. Off discussion are major energy shoppers these kinds of as aircon, drinking water-heaters and common mild bulbs.

Solar Panel

And now the large dilemma. Why do area governments nevertheless commit in diesel and coal electric power plants? The retail rate for photo-voltaic photo voltaic panels is now down to about 9000 Pesos per 100 Watt panel. If the governing administration businesses could get jointly, they could purchase megawatts for a actually good value, say 50 to 60 pesos for each Watt.

Or probably the President’s workplace could trade fish from electrical power. Why not? Pinoys and Chinese would smile once more at just about every other. Photo voltaic panels do not smell 

And there is a single superior thing with these brownouts. World-wide-web cafes can not find the money for neither turbines nor solar panels. So the gambling youngsters, consuming megabits of bandwidth for their silly on-line video games, are off-line. And I get enough bandwidth to generate this weblog entry.

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