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Notebook and Smartphone in hand-carry only

ICAO Council Prohibits Lithium-Ion Cargo Shipments on Passenger Aircraft

MONTRÉAL, 22 FEBRUARY 2016 – The 36-Point out ICAO Governing Council adopted a new aviation safety evaluate right now which prohibits, on an interim foundation, all shipments of Lithium-ion batteries as cargo on passenger plane.

“Safety is constantly our most essential precedence in international civil aviation,” stressed Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, ICAO Council President. “This interim prohibition will proceed to be in force as individual get the job done proceeds as a result of ICAO on a new lithium battery packaging effectiveness common, presently predicted by 2018.”

The Council’s final decision will be efficient 1 April, 2016. It pertains only to Lithium-ion batteries transported as cargo on passenger plane, and not to people contained in own electronic units carried by travellers or crew. It comes subsequent to intensive evaluations undertaken by the ICAO Air Navigation Fee, and the UN agency’s Harmful Merchandise, Flight Operations, and Airworthiness panels.

The prohibiting of Lithium-ion cargo shipments on passenger plane has been eagerly awaited by plane producer and pilots associations, which have been the most vocal advocates for the new safety evaluate.

Some nasty samples

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Laptop computer and Smartphone

It’s a pity that market has not nevertheless been ready to create safe Lithium-ion batteries. We can understand that the airlines and pilots do not want these perhaps risky objects in the cargo bays of their plane.

  1. What comes about when my laptop pc or my ability-financial institution  starts to burn up in the hand-have bin?
    A compact Li-ion fireplace can be handled like any other flamable fire. For most effective final result use a foam extinguisher, CO2, ABC dry chemical, powdered graphite, copper powder or soda (sodium carbonate). If the fire happens in an airplane cabin, the FAA instructs flight attendants to use drinking water or soda pop. Drinking water-based mostly products and solutions are most commonly offered and are appropriate given that Li-ion includes very small lithium metallic that reacts with drinking water. H2o also cools the adjacent area and stops the hearth from spreading. Exploration laboratories and factories also use water to extinguish Li-ion battery fires. Halon is also used as hearth suppressant, but this agent may perhaps not be ample to extinguish a large Li-ion fire in the cargo bay of an plane.
  2. How harmful are Lithium-ion batteries?
    Lithium-ion is protected but with tens of millions of consumers applying batteries, failures are bound to come about. In 2006, a just one-in-200,000 breakdown brought on a recall of virtually 6 million lithium-ion packs. Sony, the maker of the lithium-ion cells in question, factors out that on uncommon event microscopic metal particles might occur into speak to with other elements of the battery mobile, top to a brief circuit in the mobile.
    Battery producers strive to lessen the presence of this sort of particles even so, sophisticated assembly techniques make the elimination of all metallic dust a obstacle. Cells with ultra-thin separators of 24µm or less (24-thousandth of an mm) are far more susceptible to impurities than the older styles with decrease Ah ratings. Whilst the 1,350mAh cell in the 18650 deal could tolerate a nail penetration exam, the large-density 3,400mAh can ignite when performing the very same examination.
  3. Are Lithium-ion batteries only utilized in my Laptop and Smartphone?
    No, Li-ion batteries are employed in pretty much any digital gadget, electrical and digital toys and of training course in all wi-fi electricity-equipment. If you need to have to set such objects in your checked baggage, make positive to remove the batteries and put them in your hand-carry luggage.
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