Of Volts and Mice - the LED Drama

Of Volts and Mice – the LED Drama

The LED Drama – In our residence some 150 LED lamps, stripes and spotlights give us amazing gentle in the night time. From the beginning we opted for LED lamps mainly because of their energy performance and their long everyday living. Extensive lifestyle?

The only LED spotlights accessible in the Philippines at construction time have been those from QUSUN and AKARI. QUSUN was highly-priced. Spotlights with 3 LED, mounting and electricity offer experienced a retail rate of about 1,200 Pesos. The AKARI spotlights had been sold at 499 Pesos.

LED Drama #1

The expensive QUSUN soon experienced drop outs. A person after the other the QUSUN spotlights remained darkish.

The LED Drama

In some spotlights it was a solitary LED that stopped doing work. In other lamps it was the electricity-supply. We exchanged them with the cheaper AKARI LED spotlights.

LED Drama #2

I currently wrote about this drama: High voltage – as well substantial voltage !

The AKARI LED lights worked for some time and then also started off to are unsuccessful. Without the need of any exception it was the power supply that unsuccessful. On March 1, 2013 our full kitchen area went dark. We then calculated the voltage provided by CAMELCO, the regional energy company.

We lower electric power and waited until eventually this voltage peak went down to something regular between 218 and 250 Volts. Then we examined the LED places and their electricity materials.

The LED Drama

When opening the first LED driver we smelled that a thing had gotten incredibly incredibly hot. When we peeled the electronics off the insulation substance, we observed that the complete board had been BBQ-ed.

The LED Drama

This was not AKARI’s fault simply because they obviously print on the box: Enter 100-240 VAC (Volt AC). The trouble came and nevertheless arrives from the awful excellent of electric powered electrical power provided by Camiguin’s CAMELCO.

We ongoing measuring the provided electrical power. The comprehensive story is below: High voltage – also higher voltage !

The APOLLO spotlights and their power materials survived all ability surges.

LED Drama #3

We could not improve the high-quality of the high-priced electric power equipped by CAMELCO. So we made a decision to go photo voltaic.  The panels, the controller box and the batteries were promptly installed and we enjoyed our household produced strength and continual mild. – Till previous Saturday. As typical on Saturday, I checked our dwelling and atmosphere for damages, necessary repairs and attainable improvements. I always do this to prepare future week’s operate timetable and required manpower.

Massive shock! I uncovered 6 of the APOLLO spotlights dead. We use drop ceilings or hollow ceilings in all our rooms and outside the house on our verandas. The installation of the spotlights is exceptionally very simple either in plywood, Hardiflex panels or Aaomo ceiling panels. So I unmounted the 1st highlight and bought in problems.

I experienced the spotlight in my hand but there was no electric power source attached. Not possible ! Essentially I applied a substantially uglier phrase. What’s that? Unachievable. The response arrived with the second spotlight:

In its place of a pleasant tiny plastic box …

The LED Drama

… I discovered this!

The LED Drama

You needn’t be a zoologist to ascertain who had a sound urge for food on APOLLO LED Drivers – M.I.C.E. !!!

All the other APOLLO LED motorists had both disappeared or confirmed the same traces of tiny mouse teeth. Above image exhibits that these very little animals not only liked the box and the cables, they even attacked the electrolyte capacitor and the 230 V transformer.

What now?

In a first motion I changed the eaten ability materials and checked the wires as significantly as I could. Then I taken out all the spotlights and put some mouse poison in kind of cereals aside the installation hole.


I definitely feel like a warrior.  With photo voltaic cells I combat from CAMELCO and with Pest-Off I struggle against mice.

Remaining thoughts to the manufacturers

1. There is adequate space still left within the driver (power supply) box. Why really don’t you set up a replaceable fuse? Solution selling price would mybe go up by 5 to 10 pesos, but security would go up by 100%.

2. Why do you use wire insulation that appeals to mice and other animals? I now had noticed electrical wiring munched by cows.

What will be LED Drama #4?

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