Oregon Scientific LW301 - what a scrap

Oregon Scientific LW301 – what a scrap

We purchased and installed an Oregon Scientific LW301 temperature station to provide you with reside temperature info from Camiguin.

We profoundly regret our acquisition! This weather conditions station and the connected software program are scrap!

The screen interface seems great …

Oregon Scientific Anywhere Weather Kit (LW301)
… but the relaxation is unusable:

  1. The facts can’t be retrieved domestically. A person desires to login to the Oregon Scientific’s site
  2. The data can not be shared on the internet with out sharing your mail address and your password, or you have to have to individual a weather conditions station on your own
  3. The shown time is always UTC, but we are dwelling in UTC+8
  4. The Android app  crashes all the time, the iOS app is a great deal much better

And even even worse, on their site and in adverts they promise superb maps.

Promised mapThey compose: Monitor the weather in your neighborhood and around the earth

And what you get is this:

Real maps

On iPhones it works quiet good, besides the map. But on my Android phone, the weather station is some 7,500 miles west of the true position and one more 10 levels way too a lot south. On the Computer interface through http://www.osanywhereweather.com/#map, I only get the map around Oregon Metropolis.

And when you look in their FAQ, you discover:

Q7. I can’t locate the Map, Community and Notification features in the web-site interface?
A. These features had been not provided at launch, but will be readily available before long.

With a bit luck you may possibly retrieve other climate stations on your smartphone (iOS and Android) but you have to have to have comprehensive accessibility to at least to 1 station.

Our recommendation: Fail to remember the Oregon Scientific LW300 weather conditions station series

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