OTS List of Prohibited Items

OTS Listing of Prohibited Merchandise

OTS List of Prohibited Goods — Subsequent intercontinental specifications set by the International Civil Aviation Firm (ICAO), the Business office for Transportation Safety issued an up-to-date record of prohibited. These items  are unable to be brought or carried in the airport and plane, or are subject matter to distinctive prerequisites or guidance from the airlines.

Even if OTS Administrator, Arturo M. Evangelista claims “Security is non-negotiable!” we insert here some responses. The Philippines checklist incorporates some special conditions in contrast with the ICAO checklist.

The OTS Listing of Prohibited Merchandise

OTS List of Prohibited ItemsOTS List of Prohibited Items

It’s a little bit strange listed here in the Philippines. Compare the objects in the two lists previously mentioned. You are authorized to put ammunition, bullets and other components in your checked luggage. BUT you are not permitted to place blasting caps, detonators and fuse in the checked luggage. There are compact differences among them, but they all can explode. A lot more right here on Wikipedia.

An additional nuts item you are allowed in your examine-in luggage are Disguised / Improvised Firearms


Let’s keep on with the Explosives and Incendiaries

Explosives and Incendiaries

I am flying regularly and I am a smoker. I adjust in between cigars, cigarettes and vape. When going to the people who smoke lounges any where around the earth, I observe that about 1/3 of my co-people who smoke have their lighter with them. How arrive?

And certainly, don’t vape in Thailand. But you are now permitted to have your e-cig. in your hand-have through transit. 

A lethal error

OTS List of Prohibited Items - a fatal errorvs .

Fatal error

I copied this line from the second paragraph. Wherever do they want you to put your Li-ion batteries? This is even worse than the ammunition paragraph!!! And this is an official authorities document!


Lithium batteries belong into hand-carry

Lithium batteries are great but someway unsafe. I rely on Lithium-ion batteries. My cochlear implant is dependent on this lightweight and long long lasting energy source. Or else I would not listen to you. 
But Lithium-ion batteries can behave poorly. Just last Saturday I noticed my pocket-WiFi obtaining fats on my desk. I caught it, ran out on the veranda and eliminated the battery. The battery was much more than boiling very hot. But it didn’t explode ore blast in fireplace.

Lithium batteries are any place in the plane. They electrical power a lot of machines and basic safety products. And they are a danger. See the Boeing 787 2013 JAL incident. An airliner buddy informed me not too long ago that he normally has a poor emotion in the belly when boarding a Boeing 787. 

As Li.ion batteries can catch fire anytime, they need possibly to be contained or must be accessible. Right now, airline employees, cockpit and cabin, can extinguish Lithium fires. But the burning ought to be in achieve and not downstairs among the hundreds of baggage products. 

I hope OTS will right this divergence.

Insect Repellents vs. Dengue “red alert”

Two weeks back, The office of Health and fitness issued a Dengue Fever “Red Alert”. And now OTS forbids insect repellent sprays.
OTS -insect repellent spraysRemember to browse once more. OTS does not make it possible for “Insect Repellent Sprays”.  The magic phrase is “Sprays”.  You can bring with you “Off” milky lotion, but no spray.. It have to be considerably less than 100ml and you have to place it in a clear basic safety bag. You cannot provide the finest carrying out repellent, “Anti-Brumm”, with you. They even declare hearth-hazard on the bottle. 

And there is far more – it appears to be to be Okay

There are many other things in the OTS List of Prohibited Merchandise. They are manly tough, sharp or edgy issues that can be utilised to strike or stab somebody. Be sure to study the complete list.

I experienced various adventures with airport security. In Doha (Qatar) they confiscated a wonderful set of further-hardened concrete drill-bits I acquired in Zurich just just before leaving. In Zurich I handed security.
On my way household, in Cebu they did not enable me move with an extension cable. Despite the fact that this cable built a 12 stops journey via Center East and Europe.
And when I experienced been a serious idiot. In Arequipa (Peru) I located just in front of safety check, that I had my Swiss knife in my pocket. I did not want to depart it there because we flew to the Amazon. So I trapped it in my socks — and passed security screening.
My worst working experience experienced been in Zurich (ZRH). At the airport retail store (Migros) they experienced a promo for fondue. A true Swiss are unable to dwell with out fondue. These clean cheese molten up in a caquelon exactly where most people stirs with a piece of bread is just tradition.
And at the fu¬#@!ing protection check, they confiscated all my promo-fondue. Rationale: It is a liquid paste. I wished them FIGUGEGL. “Fondue isch guet und git en gueti Lune”. (Sorry, this had to be said.)

I strongly advise to comply with the regulations. Below in the Philippines it might be a little bit a type of lottery. See the  firearms and explosives sections. If you have Li-ion batteries, be early more than enough. Inquire at verify-in. In no way commence an argument with personnel and officers. They are constantly ideal — even if they are not!


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