Our 2014 Philippines Christmas Celebration

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It begun simply just adequate.

1 day, while mowing our somewhat diminutive lawn, I found that some children had gathered exterior our gate.  Thoroughly Filipino, they were being a curious great deal, and the first dilemma they experienced for me was “Are you unwell?”  Not sensation specifically unwell, I understood they had questioned this question mainly because I had no hair, which is an unconventional situation among the ordinarily well-coiffed Filipino.  “Naw,” I replied, sweating and circling the yard with our press mower, “I’m just opaw (bald).”

For some reason, they found this comprehensively hilarious. 

Not being familiar with their equipment gun bisaya substantially, I was soon rescued by Sara who opened the gate and permit the very little miscreants into the garden.  Following rummaging by means of our stuff and scaling the mango tree a couple moments, we received this photo of Sara and her new pals:


Michell's new friends.
Sara’s new buddies.



After that, the kids would stop by just about each individual working day, hollering for “Ate Chell (large sister Sara),” tumbling about the property and chasing the Frisbee around (which they had first believed was a “plato” – plate).  Then – as Christmas approached – I imagined it would be awesome to do a Xmas evening meal bash for them.  I broached the subject with ate Chell, and she agreed.  And given that the significant Xmas issue in the Filipinos is held on Christmas Eve (every person up til midnight Xmas day for items, loved ones, food items and fireworks), we decided that we would do it on Christmas working day about 4 PM.  Sara then went to the parents/grandparents households close by to let them know when the holiday getaway shindig was going down.


The kids dropped off the RSVP list.
The children dropped off the RSVP record.


My superior 50 percent then created up the menu for the day’s delights:  Sweet Filipino spaghetti (with more hotdog, the natural way), macaroni salad, incredibly hot canine on sticks with marshmallow toppings, juice bins, and candy – a lot and tons of candy.  1 of the families was going as a result of some difficult fiscal times (their mother was off doing work in Manila and their father was sick) so we picked up some presents for their 3 daughters, wrapped them up and gave them to the grandmother to give them on Christmas Eve.  We also picked up a boatload of cheap items from the community Unitop (purveyor of good Chinese goods) to give out as benefits in the course of the “parlor games” phase of the day’s things to do. 


Extra hotdog please....
Extra hotdog please….


Xmas Working day arrived and Sara fired up the stove.  Despite the fact that only 11 persons experienced RSVP’d, we shortly realized that we could have to have much more food, so Sara despatched me off to Robinson’s to decide on up an additional kilo of spaghetti and sauce.  Thankfully, a ton of outlets are in fact open up on Xmas Day, so I was ready to retrieve the item of my quest and return to our very warm kitchen area.  (It was also great that we had gotten much more foodstuff as 34 persons ultimately confirmed up.) Sara experienced accomplished up the macaroni salad the night right before, so the rest of the cooking was done by 3 PM.  Darkish clouds collected overhead as we established up the household furniture outdoors, and we before long had to shift it inside as rain commenced to fall.  Our friends arrived a little right after four, and we shortly sat them down within for supper.  Fortunately, the rain took some time off, so soon after meal we have been equipped to set up outdoors so the children could perform games and do their singing and dancing things, which is an integral element of Filipino life.


Michell stands on a chair to stir the sauce....
Sara stands on a chair to stir the sauce….


Stirring in the sauce....
Stirring in the sauce….



Hotdog on a stick?
Hotdog on a adhere?


Just after tossing the Frisbee for a little bit, Sara commenced up the online games.  Initial up was a musical incredibly hot-potato sport, exactly where the child keeping the potato (Frisbee, in this situation) was eliminated but given a consolation prize of a bubble maker which soon resulted in a veritable Bubblelooza of near-rave proportions.  Adhering to the sizzling potato recreation, Sara began the “Bring me…..” match, with her initial ask for becoming “a yellow flower,” which almost resulted in the destruction of the yellow flower plants lining the inside of our walled yard.  Seeing the wrappers and trash all more than the property, her final ask for of the sport was “Bring me….. all the sweet wrappers!” which was a very superior call….





Toys, prizes and sweet were being dispersed and then the young children did a “Star ng Pasko” dance plan that a couple of them had been practising (the relaxation just followed their guide) and then sang a Tagalog Christmas track that Sara wasn’t ready to detect but that the kids obviously loved.




... and dance.
… and dance.


Dark rain clouds then moved in and when yet again the rain started to tumble.  The two eldest boys that attended cleaned up the mess whilst our visitors expressed their many thanks and built their way back house.

Over-all, it was a Great day and a person that I will usually remember!  The laughter from the children was unquestionably infectious, and it aided remind me that Xmas is not about items and what you get, but in its place it is the people that you have and the pleasure that that involves.

It’s funny – when I was likely via all the movie to pick out components for our emphasize movie, I couldn’t help but smile (and often snicker aloud) at what I was seeing.  And that’s’ the great factor about film – your memory could not be great, but the visuals always are.

Merry Xmas!!