Philippine Real Estate Purchase Checklist

Our August 2014 Expenses out?v=aEtaUin6s0U


Welcome back again, fellow Dreamers.  As promised, we when all over again diligently recorded our expenditures for the thirty day period.  One of the queries that we are asked is “How significantly does it charge to are living in the Philippines?”  As previously said, the quick response is “It all depends.”  If you are expecting that you will be able to take your awesome slice of Western daily life and transpose it onto the Republic, you are going to be paying virtually as substantially as you did in the West.  Imported foodstuff, electricity for frequent aircon, fuel for your SUV, superior hire fees for Western-common houses and apartments…… it all provides up.  If – however – you are prepared to make some compromises and reside a more simple life, the expense of residing right here is really small.

Sara and I live pretty perfectly.  We have a reliable home with screens, window grates, air conditioning, pleasant paint, a great small lawn, backyard garden and whatnot.  We have a truck – a Pajero 4×4 – but we actually do not use it all that substantially.  We have also discovered to mitigate our “eating out” fees by mixing in lower expense destinations like Foodstuff Internet, Mang Inasal, and some really groovy avenue BBQ  places.

Anyhoo, our whole expenditures for August totaled $906 US pounds (39,502 pesos), in contrast to the $1,038 that we invested in August.  All of our primary residing expenses stayed really much the identical – other than for energy which went up a bit owing to the unseasonably warm temperature in the course of that thirty day period.  Our eating out costs.  You also have to component in that I paid out $62 for setting up the internet site and $80 for ten lbs of protein powder to attempt and mitigate the muscle mass loss I have expert considering that transferring right here.

So, with out any even more ado, then, here is our monthly breakdown for August 2014:


Fundamental Dwelling Costs – IN US Dollars/PESOS XCHANGE Amount 43.6-1

Lease $229/10000

Electrical power $62/2700

Health and fitness center $28/1200

Net $23/1000

H2o $4/160

Grocery Browsing $170/7283

Consuming out $120/5250

Diesel Truck $13/560

Fuel Bikes $25/1100

Visa Expenses$

Cigarettes $31 /1350 (pack a day)

Laundry $5/200

Fundamental Dwelling Expenditures Total $670/29212




Vermiculture $9/400
Seeds  $4/156

Soil $5/200

Trellis $2/80


Site $62/2700

Aircon Services $4/180

Flat Tire $3/120

Beggars $2/100

Curtains $30/1315

10 lbs Protein Powder $80/3500


INCIDENTAL Cost Full $236/10290


Total Cost FOR JULY $906/39502  [Note:  We forgot to add $22/1000P for internet, $6 for a doctor visit, and $6 for phone load, so it’s around $940 total for the month.]


We are off to a poor start out for September.  I took two outings to two diverse medical practitioners and was approved two diverse medications.  The first doctor’s script was incorrect (he was from Siliman Hospital) and the 2nd physicians (from Holy Youngster) script was right for what I was diagnosed with.   Siliman health practitioner was 400 pesos and the Holy Baby medical doctor (Dr. Yee – thank you!) was 200 pesos.  This exhibiting that you never usually get what you fork out for.  Remedies weren’t far too poor.  There’s no insurance policy listed here but every doctor’s script (oral antibiotics and topical antibiotic) charge about 700 pesos.  All those meds are more than the counter in this article, by the way – you only truly require prescriptions for opoid-centered painkillers and the like.

A person last point – I really don’t go out drinking or hitting girlie bars.  If you are accomplishing that, you are heading to expend a lot additional.  A beer listed here prices about a dollar, which is affordable compared to bar drinks in the West, but if you consume like some men in this article, it is likely to include up.

Hmmmmm – I may be purchasing a effective desktop Pc this month.  My inadequate ASUS Republic of Avid gamers laptop just does not like the heat!

Oh, yeah – and apologies for the cellular phone contact at the stop of the video.  It was hoping to deliver a further bundle.  My ever inquisitive far better 50 % went to solution it and when the courier did not say nearly anything (voice phone calls seldom get the job done properly right here), I imagine she believed it was “another woman” or some thing and started off rooting all around in my phone, ensuing in me possessing to “Ahem…. .perfectly, THIS IS NED…..  




Get care ya’ll and see you future time!