Our Community Support Projects Donation Tracking

Our Community Support Projects Donation Tracking

Updated as of November 16, 2017



Follow the kids’ house construction costs!  http://myphilippinedreams.com/kids-house-construction-costs/

New donation kitty balance:  $698.75  (See latest donors and amounts by scrolling to the bottom of this article.)

We have a Paypal Donation button on our website for those who feel like remunerating us for the value provided by our blog and YouTube channel and also to help with operating (hosting, etc.) costs.  Since we are not a charity, I take most of that vast majority of what we receive and apply it to what I call our “community work” programs.  That is, projects such as our monthly Spaghetti-fests, the construction of the “Kid’s House” in Balugo for the families evicted from our neighborhood (Mama K, Jun-Jun, Nikki, Nano, Euie, etc.) and the occasional Jollibee party for the kids in our neighborhood.

Again, we are not a charity – we just take the money donated to us for the service value of our websites and redirect it towards these community projects.

In order to provide transparency, I am going to list out all the donations on this page that have gone to these community work programs.  I WILL NOT be listing any of your personal information – just the dates and the amounts.  (Note:  As time went on, I actually started adding first name, last initial to the date and amount donated.)

Accountability is VERY important for us – that is why we have gone to the lengths we have to track all of the incoming and outgoing funds.

We will also keep and post all receipts for the stuff we get.  


As of 2/7/15


Total:  $114.00 USD for Candy and School Supply Fund



*Updates for Jollibee Party and House Building 2/13/15 to 2/15/15 (Pacific Standard Time as noted by Paypal).

50 (x3)
25 (x5)
20 (x5)
15 (x3)
10 (x9)
5 (x4)
Total:  $743.42 minus Paypals $35.68 “cut” of what appears to be 4.2% = $707.74 USD

PLUS $22 (1,000 peso party donation hand-delivered by T&V – thanks for the choco and maple syrup as well!)

TOTAL FOR TIME PERIOD 2/13 to 2/15/15  $729.74

* This update is just ONLY up to 2/15/15 as tabulated by Paypal’s Pacific Standard Time.  More donations have come into the kitty since and I will be adding those soon.


**Updates for Jollibee Party and House Building 2/16/15 to 2/18/15 (Pacific Standard Time as noted by Paypal.

30 (x3)
25 (x2)
20 (x3)
10 (x3)
Total: $654.86 minus PayPal’s $26.20 “cut” = $628.66

PLUS $22 (another 1,000 peso hand-delivered donation from T&V for the house building project)

TOTAL FOR TIME PERIOD 2/16 to 2/18/15 = $650.66

** This update is ONLY from 2/16/15 to 2/18/15 as tabulated by Paypal’s Pacific Standard Time. 

3/16/15  Donation by Ned and Sara towards the house building:  $200

SUM TOTAL OF DONATIONS 2/13/15 to 2/18/15 = 1,580.40

   Jollibee Party:  $200
   House Building: $1,380.40
       (Plus, we still have the $114 donated before 2/13/15 for the Candy and School Supply Fund)


Jollibee Party for the 30 kids and their parents is going to be about $200 USD – that is already covered.

House Building fund will shut down once it reaches about $1,000 USD. (That is more than covered as of 2/19/15.)

Thanks again to all who have donated (and those who can’t afford to but would if they could)!  ?




Extra Donations for June 2015


50  x3
40  x2
25  x2
10  x4

TOTAL $692.78

PayPal’s cut is .30 cents per donation plus 2.9% which equals:  $5.70 and $20.09 – $25.79

Total Usable Donations  $667


Donations 6/21/15 to 7/29/15  – Date/Amount/Donor’s First Initial

6/30 20 (A.)
7/11  100 (R.)
7/16 50 (N.)
7/18 50 (N.)
7/18 100 (S.)  
7/19 50 (D.)  House warming party for kids
7/26 25 (P.)
7/28 45 (R.)

Total “Kitty” Balance Available:  $440

8/12 50 (S.)

Total “Kitty” Balance Available:  $490
Minus $122 8/13/15 House Construction Costs – interior fittings
Minus $88 8/20/15 House Construction Costs – Exterior skim coat
Minus $66  8/8/15   Sara and Dina’s Second Spaghetti Fest for Homeless Kids

Total “Kitty” Balance Available as of 8/27/15  $214

New Donations
8/15    Steven 50
8/29   Steven 100
9/1      Ronald 55
9/13    Robert 50

Total “Kitty” Balance Available as of 9/13/15  $469

8/29/15 $45  House construction – interior amakan fitting
9/8/15  $74 House construction – more interior amakan fitting
9/12/15  $30  House construction – final fitting.

Total Kitty Balance Available as of 9/14/15:  $302 USD

11/16/15 $20 donated by Peter B.

12/20/15 $82 donated by Thomas N. (4,000 pesos – $82 was after Paypals’s xchange rate)

Total Kitty Balance Available as of 12/20/15:  $404USD

12/25/15 Christmas MacDonald’s Feeding with Bud Brown
Total:  3,800 pesos/$80 USD.  
$40 dollars taken from “Kitty” and $40 donated by Ned and Sara.
You can see the video on this over at Bud Brown’s You Tube channel here.

Christmas 2015 MacDo Feeding  Receipt Full Size (1328 x 747)

Total Kitty Balance Available as of 1/2/16:  $364 USD

Latest:  Here is the receipt from the Jollibee party we had for the neighborhood kids that we had on April 3, 2016.  This was cool as it gave the kids in our neighborhood AND the kids that moved to the house in Balugo.  We also passed out most of the goodies (toys, clothes and school supplies) that were donated by the high school students in Texas.  The total cost of the party was 7,130 peso/$156 USD.  We paid for half of that, and we took the other half out of the $364 “kitty” subscriber donation balance noted above. 

Jollibee receipt 3 22 16

Total Kitty Balance Available as of 4/22/16:  $286 USD

Thanks again to all those who donated!
10/8/16  $100  Donated by Henry  W.

Total Kitty Balance Available as of 10/9/16:  $386


Christmas Spagehetti-Fest with Bud Brown, Sara, Jun Jun, Nikki and Nano.

120 MacDo Spaghetti Meals disbursed to the poor of Dumaguete on Christmas Day
Total Cost:  6,592 pesos/ $134.50 
Sara and I put in $30 ourselves and took $104 from the donation kitty balance.

Here’s the receipts for the Spaghetti-Fest.


New donation kitty balance:   $282 ($386-$104) as of 12/26/16.

12/27/16  Henry W.  $105.55
12/28/16  Randall S.  $200

New donation kitty balance:  $587.55 USD

2/7/17  Donn L.  $35

New donation kitty balance:  $622.55

Spaghetti-Fest 2.11.17 w/Bud Brown, Jun-Jun, Nikki and Nano  7065 pesos/ $144.20

Sara and I donated 1,000 towards the event, so 6,065/ $123.80 came out of the donation kitty balance.

New donation kitty balance:  $498.75


Huw W.  $200

New donation kitty balance:  $698.75