Our House Project – Steel and Welding

Our Home Project – Metal and Welding

Setting up our dwelling in the Philippines.  Buying metal and metal fabrication.  Fabricating metal trusses, rafters, windows, security doors.

One more load of steel comes

The angle iron in this load will be made use of to make roof trusses.

Browsing for steel.  It does appear to be incredibly complicated to help save dollars on primary materials these kinds of as cement and metal.  While there are hundreds of design offer firms, put up-negotiation prices change only by a couple pesos.  There are some pitfalls.  Our technical specs called for our roof trusses to be built of 2″ X 2″ X 1/4″ angle bar. Give this spec to development product sellers and you are going to be excited by the rate variants, hoping for a bargain.  Look deeper and you will see that there is no 1/4″ thick angle bar available.  After wanting at angle bar from various sellers, I determined to invest in a vernier caliper so that I could measure the thickness of different objects.  It turns out that the costs varied simply because their reaction for a price tag on “2x2x1/4″ integrated product not even remotely conference the specification 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm and 6mm angle bar.  One-fourth inch equals 6.35mm, so all have been technically substandard. The caliper is also handy for detecting undersized rebar.  Not surprisingly, it turns out that, as soon as once again, value differences are slight the moment you’ve last but not least managed look at products with related specs.

There’s a further complication.  It turns out that steel is marketed by kilograms for every meter.  This may possibly be a honest way to cost steel solutions, but a challenging translation when your engineering specs phone for 2″x2″x1/4”!

So when procuring for metal in the Philippines, you have to be on your toes.  Some, perhaps even most suppliers will automatically ship you substandard steel except if you are educated and persistent.  Make it obvious that you will return any substandard product.  Once sellers know that, they will be far more mindful.  You should be there when the metal arrives at the setting up web page to examine the product right before it is unloaded.  Good sellers will talk to you to go to their yards and inspect the content prior to the buy is created.  We experienced primarily fantastic luck with Much Eastern Components in Iloilo Metropolis.

Welding.   We could have compensated neighborhood welders below a preset price or “pakyaw” agreement.  Under pakyaw, the contractors supply their have welding tools and do all the perform, maybe together with elements, for a preset selling price.  Filipino employees know that day-to-day wages are low.  They hope to get superior fork out by performing on a pakyaw agreement as a substitute of a low each day wage.  However there are numerous superior welders who do not have their individual machines or cash and for that reason have to function for a everyday wage.  We determined to obtain our own gear and to use welders on a everyday wage foundation.  That will save dollars and, just as importantly, you have the personnel and gear on-web page for the many other welding jobs for the duration of the position and later on.  Our welders were paid out P280 for each working day. We established up our possess “welding shop” on-web page. There was loads of perform for them to do. 1st came the roof  trusses (15.5 meters prolonged), center beam, purlins, and cornice framing.  Later the welders produced all of the windows, stability doorways and a myriad of other scaled-down initiatives.  If we had approved a pakyaw arrangement for the trusses, we would have been associated in limitless negotiations when we moved on the fabricating home windows and other welding jobs.

The 300 amp welder and AEG minimize-off observed cost about P25,000 or about $500. Our “Yamato” welder is a preferred Chinese-created design  costing about P11,000.  Yamato also has a much less expensive model (P7,500) which has aluminum coils.  Our transient research seemed to say that aluminum coils are markedly inferior to copper so we sprang for the product with copper coils.  It looks to perform properly. The welder was specifically connected to the mains with 6 AWG aluminum cable secured by a 60 amp breaker.  For some gentle followup welding function we related to mains working with 12 AWG wire! It labored fine.  We are made use of N-6011 welding rods for the trusses.  We acquired the welder at Considerably Eastern Hardware in Iloilo.  Huge numbers of these Yamoto welders are marketed.  Ours served us without having difficulties.

Making roof rafters in our new on-site welding shop

Producing roof rafters (trusses) in our new on-web page welding shop

We crafted  five pairs of the roof truss (rafter) demonstrated over.  Each 50 % is 8.5 meters long, has a 2.5 meter increase and spans 6.5 meters. The overall span is 13.15 meters.  The crew wanted to make each piece in excess of-extended, lift them up on to the roof structure and then cut them to healthy the angle at the roof beam and at the cornice finish.  This cutting and fitting of these weighty rafters substantial overhead did not make sense to me.  We did a structure on the floor to be absolutely sure our calculations were being correct, welded up a rafter to use as a template and designed five equivalent pairs. At the time we obtained the first pair of rafters up,

Centre girt and very first rafter up

we made a decision that the roof pitch looked as well very low.  After examining to see how much additional pitch the rafter duration would allow for, we elevated the pitch.  Luckily, this impulsive alter did not bring about any problems.

The tale of the roof trusses and roof continues HERE It involves acquiring those people heavy trusses in location, a little something which we have been  unsure how would be carried out.

After the trusses were being welded up the welders moved on to setting up OUR CASEMENT WINDOWS and Protection Doors

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