Retirement in the Philippines or Thailand?

Our January 2015 Philippines Dwelling Expenses
When once more, the Daily life Crew has painstakingly retained observe of its monthly expenses, in order to better notify our viewers as to how much living in the Philippines essentially costs. 

An significant factor to hold in thoughts is that you can shell out any volume a thirty day period in the Philippines.  Want a luxury 5 bed room property nestled from a white sand beach?  That’s gonna go for about 50-70,000 pesos a thirty day period (which is continue to a discount in comparison to Western expenses).  Do you HAVE to have a new Toyota SUV?  Get ready to cough up 1.8 millions pesos.  Can you not dwell devoid of steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli each and every working day?  That is about 1,500 pesos just suitable there.  Want air conditioning 24 several hours a day? Perfectly, electric power fees are about double what they are in the United States – it is about .25 cents a KWh, about what they are paying out in Australia.  Fuel and diesel are also a lot more pricey in this article, and if you have to have Johnny Walker Black Label, that aged boy’s also likely to strike your wallet quite really hard.

Sara and I are living merely.  Our most significant bills are foods – we take in out a great deal simply because she is effective nights and just cannot be cooking all the time, and I also have an dependancy to Froot Loops and milk (the milk alone is about 2 times the cost of that in the US).  I really do not go out consuming or carousing at the regional bars, so there is some price savings there as perfectly.  Together, we are equally very frugal and are in a position to extend out our peso for maximum acquire.

I also consider it simple with the aircon.  We have a minimal .5 HP Carrier Optima in the bedroom which is on about 2 several hours through very hot times and 6-8 hours at night time (once again, when it is warm and humid – some evenings we don’t use it.)  Typically our electricity prices for every month are about 45-65 bucks for every thirty day period, which I believe is very well worth it.  I honestly couldn’t dwell here without my aircon.   ?

But enough of that.  Allows get a seem at this months bills, tally up our ordinary regular expenditures given that July, and just take a glimpse at some of our bigger costs given that arriving in the Republic.


Basic Residing Expenses – IN US Bucks/ XCHANGE Amount 44.6-1

Lease 230
Electricity 43

Health club 27
Web 22
Drinking water 4
Cable Tv
Grocery Shopping 238
Feeding on out 235
Diesel Truck 52
Gas Motorcycles 32
Visa Expenses
Cigarettes 35 (Yuck!)
Telephones 12
Laundry 14
Dry Products 58
Unaccounted 29*
Health care provider and X Rays 28

       BASIC Dwelling EXPENSES  FOR JANUARY 2015 TOTAL   $1059


*”Unaccounted” is the variation between my starting monthly bank harmony and my ending harmony that doesn’t healthy into any of the other groups.  That’s generally parking attendant guidelines, hither and dither small purchases (stuff at sari-sari suppliers) and things that I just forgot to write down.

Okay, now that we’ve seemed at our expenditures for January, lets get a glimpse at all the fees that we have been tracking considering that July 2014:


Monthly Dwelling Costs

July 14 1058
Aug 14  940

Sep 14 1160
Oct 14 1113
Nov 14 1183
Dec 14 1198
Jan 15 1059

Typical MONTLY Residing Expenditures:  $1,101.57


Not to shabby, essentially.


Let’s not overlook that there have been some added “set up” expenses considering that arriving in the Philippines.  Listed here are some of the major kinds that have accounted for a superior deal of dollars.


Additional Prices

1998 Pajero 6,500
2013 YBR125 1,500

2012 RUSI Scooter 500
Residence Home furniture and Setup 3,200
Desktop Pc 840
LED Television 504

Whole OF More Prices: $13, 044


The truck was an impulse obtain, and it does not get employed all that much.  As a matter of reality, I have to consciously make sure to generate it after a 7 days when it is awesome just to make guaranteed that the battery stays charged.  It’s nice to have the truck when it is raining, but it doesn’t actually rain all that considerably right here on Negros (even in “rainy season”).  It is also good to have for even bigger shopping expeditions which we do about the moment a 7 days.


So, that’s about it.  I hope we have been of enable in giving you some perception of perspective of how lots of Benjamins a thirty day period residing in the Philippines expenses.


Obtained everything to add?  Depart it in the opinions portion.


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