Our Philippine House Project – Boundary Survey

Our Philippine Dwelling Project – Boundary Survey

A boundary survey for your Philippine whole lot or house. How substantially should really it charge? It is not strange to have an previously surveyed subdivision whole lot resurveyed.  Some subdivisions have long term boundary monuments.  Our good deal is technically in a subdivision, but seriously is just a patch in an bigger farm field.  There were being no monuments, whilst the whole lot experienced been surveyed beforehand. We questioned that the seller resurvey the great deal and set boundary monuments prior to we proceeded with the acquire.  The seller did so.  There ended up no problems.  The surveyor set all those prefabricated concrete monuments which are bought at building materials retailers.  They are about 5″ in diameter and about 2′ long.

Carabao investigating the surveyor – “here goes the neighborhood”

It took a even though just before we created our fence.  Our property is very low-lying and gets quite soaked and muddy throughout the rainy season. By the time we were prepared to get started with the fence, the monuments had been scattered.

Concrete survey monument

So we experienced to have it surveyed once more and the monuments anchored in concrete fairly than just trapped in the grime.  The value for this was considerably less than P5,000.

survey monument

The photograph previously mentioned is of a boundary marker (and a bamboo flag)  of a survey accomplished on a neighboring house as it appears about two weeks after the study was finished.  It has now occur out of the floor and will be moved by animals, human beings (child range) and many others. and the function of the study lost.  That’s what took place to us.  As significantly as we could see, the surveyors did not use the down below grade metallic monuments as used in the U.S.  The benefit of the metal rods or pipes is that they are challenging to disturb and can be relocated using a metallic detector.

Of program the monuments have to be displaced all over again when the excavation for the fence is finished.  Before they moved the monuments, the employees put up batter-boards and applied galvanized tie wire to mark the boundary strains all through the fence design.  During development, we experienced a enormous storm which collapsed some of the trenches and frequently built a mess of the task.  One of the neighboring property proprietors came by and asked us to be absolutely sure that our fence was not off by even a millimeter.  I was so fearful that I requested the surveyor to come back again to recheck the fence but he was tired of surveying the property!

This photo demonstrates how batter boards and a wire guideline line ended up utilised to guarantee that the wall was built precisely on the assets line.  The batter board and line have been put in right before the monuments have been taken off.  The monuments had to be removed to let the corner fence posts to be formed up and poured.