Our Philippine House Project – Carpentry

Our Philippine House Challenge – Carpentry

We created a dwelling in the Philippines.  Here are some of our encounters in buying and employing community lumber which include building personal individual doorway casings. We bought air dried neighborhood “mahogany” – 2X6″ and 2X8″. This is pretty a bit more cost-effective than purchasing pre-built casings, additionally we can have thicker casings, a whole two inches. At initial it was a little little bit of a thriller as to what this wood really was. So much wood in the Philippines is referred to as mahogany. What we purchased is much less expensive than Lauan “Philippine mahogany” (Shorea Negrosensis).

Rough-cut Mahogany 2"x6" from local saw mill

Tough-slash Mahogany 2″x6″ from regional observed mill

Wood shop -door casings

Wooden shop – door casings

It turns out that what was readily readily available (in 2009) was the prized central American mahogany “Swietenia macrophylla” which is extensively planted in the Philippines and grows like insane. The wooden we bought is from a sixteen year outdated plantation on Guimaras Island. The lumber has three or 4 progress rings in two inches, so it’s significantly from the top quality of outdated progress timber still currently being slice in Central and South American rain forests.


Doorway casing element

We  also acquired mid-price tag doors by Orowood of Mindanao.    There is the identical confusion as to what the wood seriously is. The rails on the doorways are of “old growth” lumber — 25 to 50 expansion rings per inch.  It’s probably Lauann mahognany most likely combined with some second expansion Swietenia.   The 80x210x41CM doors price P2650 just about every in 2009.  You can see some particulars of how we finished the doorways making use of stain and flat laquer Below.  We are delighted with the outcome and, after four a long time, the doorways have held up well.

We applied utilized a combination of Yale, Stanley and Schlage locksets.  All of these are excellent top quality and have specified no issues.  We made use of Creston stainless metal, ball bearing hinges.  We do not suggest them.  See why In this article.

15 panel Orowood door

15 panel Orowood door

You can see in the image beneath the method used to put in the doorway casings in the rough masonry opening.  3 1/2″ nails are partially driven into the sides of the casing and then bent around.  The casing is positioned in the opening, leveled and secured  with non permanent bracing.  Then the room all over the casing is filled with cement mortar.  Later the cement is concluded to match the finish on the surrounding wall.

Cementing door casing into opening

Cementing door casing into opening

We handled the casings with the dim brown version of Solignum wooden preservative.

Down below: You can see loads of finger joints in these mid-priced doorways.



The lighting in this image reveals how this door is built up of tons of finger-jointed bits of lumber.  Still, it is a pretty good door for the funds and they have held up effectively.

Workers install Mahogany ventilator in roof peak

Staff put in Mahogany ventilator in roof peak

2013 Update.  A reader has alerted us to a logging ban and confined availability of hardwood lumber.  “The logging ban was imposed in 2011 by EO of the President and not lifted till today. FWIK plantations are not afflicted, but these are just covering a minority of sector desires in the Philippines. Effectively all non-plantation forest logging was stopped just the illegal logging carries on (and prospers, because a lot of forest employees lost their lawful work opportunities and had been form of compelled to resort to sign up for the unlawful logging)—and charges for hardwood went steep. I was examining quite a few lumber merchants in Iloilo City, and none of them has any hardwood timber out there.”   Many thanks for this update.

Some home builders test to use beams salvaged from aged houses.  The lumber utilized in even recent Philippine residences from  1950 to 1980 usually includes superb previous growth Philippine hardwood of a good quality which could never ever be accessible yet again.


This photograph shows workers in Iloilo resawing lumber salvaged from an previous Iloilo City dwelling which was demolished.  They would hold this do the job up all day.  This technique may perhaps be a way to stay clear of damage to pricey saws by concealed nails and other hardware.  While the piece they are sawing is tiny, a lot even larger timbers can be viewed in the photo.

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Updated Mar 20, 2013