Our Philippine House Project – Tiling

Our Philippine Property Challenge – Tiling

In our new Philippine house we ceramic tiled just about every thing!  Bob grew up in the northern U.S. In his childhood dwelling the only tiles were being in the cramped loos or vinyl in the kitchen.  For him, the interesting tiled floors and the barefoot life in the Philippines are a luxury.  In the Philippine, tiled floors are durable, cost-effective and basically universal.  The building content suppliers are filled with tiles from all around the planet.

Our residence, other than for the bogs is tiled with a creamy sleek 40cm sq. tile built by White Horse Ceramics in Malaysia.  The expense was P66 for every tile — about $1.50 US.

Tile arrives from vendor “Moostbrand” in Iloilo

Creamy tile from Whitehorse tile in Malaysia

Placing tile in kitchen-dwelling room

Completed tiling

Finished tiling

We economized in the loos working with Philippine tile,  called “Eurotile”, we guess in the hope it will attain European cachet . It looks to be good tile.

Tiling in bathroom

Tiling in lavatory

Floor drain

For our porches, we splurged on 16″ x 16″ Spanish tile which were on sale for P68.

Spanish porch tile

We ended up fortunate to have an excellent tiler on our crew, Filimon Asonda of Mandurriao, Iloilo Town.  He was with us from the incredibly commencing, the developing of our perimeter wall, to the end of the masonry function all around the residence.  We paid out him P350 per working day, the very same as our foreman.  The combination of a excellent range of cost-effective  tile and Filimon’s skills led us to continue our tiling from the household to the garage.  We did not use tile adhesive in laying the tile besides on the rest room walls.  We just employed ordinary Apo Portland cement.

We also tiled the storage space in the garage/bodega.  This was to accurate a drainage problem in which water from the garage drained into the storage room.  The tile elevated the quality in the storage home adequate to continue to keep the h2o out. Future we tiled the laundry place.  For both equally we utilised the exact Eurotile we utilized for the bathrooms.

Tiling in laundry

Tiling in laundry

With the addition of the laundry space and the storage space the garage genuinely turned additional than a garage.  We decided to tile the garage flooring far too.  We uncovered some 16″ x 16″ Lepanto tile on sale.  They ended up similar to the Spanish tile we made use of on our porches, whilst we did truly feel the high quality was not as excellent as the Spanish.

Tiled garage floor and storage room

Tiled garage flooring and storage space

Our remaining tiling venture was to make a path from the garage to the entrance doorway.  We poured 20″ x 20″ concrete step-stones.

In the middle of each move-stone are four 8″ x 8″ Lepanto tiles (about P12 just about every).  This path will allow us to walk from the garage to the residence without monitoring in grime and allows Bob to dispense with all footwear, a legitimate enjoyment for him.

Building step stones

Tiled path to house

Properly, perhaps it’s not actually the close.  We’re speaking about building a small out of doors “dirty” kitchen area and convenience room for the bahay kubo.  Then, of program, as the gardens get condition we’ll want a route going there.  Such unending tasks are either the bane or the concentration of retirement, relying on your perspective!

Pretty much all tile (and a lot of other resources) have been purchased from Moostbrand in Jaro, Iloilo Town.  We acquired good assistance from Moost.  As we unpacked the a lot of containers of tiles, we reserved the broken tiles and took them back again to Moostbrand exactly where they had been replaced without having demand or argumentation.  Moostbrand did provide some “grade B”  tile to us.  We returned it and replaced it with the Eurotile stated over.

Grade B tile - returned

2016 Update.

We like to keep viewers up-to-date as to how points have labored out over time, to share our problems so that our visitors could stay clear of mistakes we have designed, or to at least know what to expect.  See also Beware of clay soils in Philippine building.

2016. Cracks in tiles.

2016. Cracks in tiles..  

It is six several years given that our occasions had been laid.  2016 is the very first 12 months that we have experienced a major difficulty with hairline cracks in our tiles.  Why?  We are not certain, but here are some alternatives.  We do not want to exaggerate the dilemma.  We have hairline cracks in about ten of the lots of hundreds of tiles we mounted in the course of the residence.

Type of tile.  We utilized at least three types of tile.  Most of the flooring is a Malaysian-manufactured tile proven in the shots.  It is these tiles which are building the hairline cracks.  Tile earning is an historic art with numerous variants in resources and attributes.  Considerations must incorporate each hardness and some diploma of ductility.  The Malaysian tile appears to be wine-grass really hard.  The Spanish-produced tile we used on our porch has no cracks.

Bedding materials.  In laying both of those the Malaysian and Spanish tile we employed regular Portland cement.  In our loos, our tile layer recommended us to use an elastic mortar, which we did. There are no cracks there.  Perhaps we need to have applied the elastic bedding for all the tile?

Filling.  We employed a reasonably sandy filling under our floors alternatively than pure gravel.  Could this have been element of the problem.  The concrete flooring them selves are not likely to be a cause.  The floor is thick and sturdy.  Many of the cracks to start with confirmed up in doorways.  That is probably for the reason that every home was a separate pour, so the doorways are a junction concerning two distinctive pours.

Sorry we cannot offer you definitive solutions.  If your property is 10 or twenty several years previous and has no cracks, please permit us and our audience know how you completed that feat.