Our September 2015 Philippines Expense Report!

Our Philippines October 2014 Spending plan

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A commonly questioned issue we get is “How substantially does it charge to retire or are living in the Philippines?”  A great deal of these inquiries come from guys at or nearing retirement (or in possession of a pension and/or retirement) who are looking for a adjust and making an attempt to investigation accordingly.  In purchase to solution these inquiries, we have been retaining a reasonably exhaustive account of all our regular monthly fees given that this earlier July.    More than the earlier a few months, our expenditures have looked like this:

July: $1,058
August: $906 }
September $1,160  

Hold in brain that these are totals of simple residing expenditures and more buys of points that are not required to easy survival – devices, gym memberships, cigarettes, and so on. 

Standard living prices (rent, electricity, foodstuff, gasoline, and the like) operate about 70% of our monthly budgets.  Like I have explained previously, you can stay in the Philippines pretty cheaply – a nipa hut, a little dried fish and a sack of rice and you are golden.  To really stay nicely, you are wanting at around $1,500-2,000 USD a month.   And after retaining painstaking track of our continued regular monthly costs here in the Philippines more than the system of Oct 2014, right here the breakdown for the month (Philippine Peso/US dollar conversion fee 44.7 as of 11/4/14):  

Simple Living Expenditures

Hire 10,000/229
Electric 2,442/55
H2o 184/5
Eating Out 9,387/210
Groceries 10,325/231
Dry Products 4,917/110
Fuel Truck 3,576/81
Gas Bikes 1,788/40
Phone Load 500/11
Laundry 270/6
Unaccounted 1,922/43

Dwelling Expenses Whole 45,311 pesos/  $1,013    

Further Costs
RUSI 2503/56
Cell phone 8,000/180
Computer system 34,000/762
Notebook Video clip Card 7,152/160
Gym 1200/27
Smokes 1342/30 (Yuck…)
More Expenditures Overall 53,729 pesos / $1,202

USD Overall Fees FOR October 2014:   99,040 pesos / $2,215 USD  

This is for two individuals – Sara contributes a share of her earnings to our charges, but she pretty does what she wants with most of her money.  We ate out far too a lot all over again this thirty day period, but with her functioning (and me remaining lazy and not understanding how to cook), it’s all very good.  We have a range of superior and quite economical sites to take in out at, and it’s just wonderful staying equipped to go out and not have to be concerned about cooking and undertaking dishes.  The Computer system invest in was a requirement – my revenue arrives from the net, so I have to have a reputable and first rate technique.  This a single must final a handful of many years at least, and I can constantly enhance specified elements of it as time goes on.  We’ll also see our “old” ASUS at the time the new video card is put in on it, which ought to permit us to recoup section of our charges for the new laptop or computer.    

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