Our September 2015 Philippines Expense Report!

Our September 2014 Expense Report

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We get questioned all the time how significantly it costs to retire or stay in the Philippines.  Most of these are from people contemplating retirement to someplace other than Florida or the Mediterranean or just individuals who have the capacity to get the job done by means of the online and are seeking for a lot more unique locales to do so in.  In get to provide viewers with some type of reference, Sara and I began logging our month to month expenditure this previous July.  So significantly, the month to thirty day period breakdown looks like this:

July: $1,058 USD

August: $906

 And after preserving painstaking keep track of of our continued regular expenses listed here in the Philippines above the study course of September 2014, listed here the breakdown for the thirty day period (Philippine Peso/US greenback conversion rate 44.6 as of 10/4/14):

Standard Living Charges

Lease 10,000/229

Electric powered 2,140/48

H2o 178/5

Taking in Out 7120/160

Groceries 8277/186

Dry Items 2670/60

Gas Truck 1913/43

Gas Bikes 1558/35

Visa Charges (Sept+Oct) 1830/41

Unaccounted 1873/42

Living Fees Whole 38,459 pesos/  $862


Additional Fees

Health professionals 2200/49

Medicines 2650/59

Elec Shaving Heads 1605/36

Lazada Get 1750/39

Tools 405/9

Mabinay Vacation 2100/47

Dentist 700/16

Health club 1200/27

Extra Charges Whole 13,260 pesos / $297 USD

Whole Expenses FOR SEPTEMBER 2014:   51,719 pesos / $1,160 USD

Keep in head that that is for two people, one particular of whom eats like a wombat with a tapeworm (that would be Sara), so all in all, that is not much too undesirable.  If you normal out the expenses for July, August and September, it arrives out to about $1,041 USD.  This month we actually likely put in as well considerably dollars on having out.  We are striving to reign that charge for October in by cooking at minimum four meals a week and just going out 3 times a 7 days.  This month (October) is essentially heading to be an aberration as my ASUS Republic of Players is not undertaking very well and I just ordered a new desktop method that is greater suited to operating in the tropics because of to excess supporters and cooling programs.  I have to have a respectable Pc to edit movies and do do the job on, so that’s just an expenditure we’ll have to deal with.  (Observe:  I just edited our to start with movie on our DELL XPS Studio (circa 2010) and it took forever……..)


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