Our blog rediscovered

Our site rediscovered

Our weblog rediscovered a misplaced speak to. A handful of times in the past I reorganized our site so it displays the article titles in the website link as a substitute of the page quantity. Yesterday night I just had a glimpse at the “YOU Might ALSO LIKE…” portion and observed a blog site post from November 2011. This produced me quite joyful mainly because I observed my misplaced contact to Yuuki Yoshida.

I straight away wrote an e-mail to Yuuki Yoshida-san to notify him that I found him all over again. And this morning I acquired his so sort reply.

How it started

On November 28, 2011, we obtained an inquiry from our website’s comments form: What is a suitable 1 small sentence for expressing what BAHALANA suggests? Thank you. The inquiry came from Yuuki Yoshida. He then despatched me information and facts about himself. We exchanged some mails. Regrettably I experienced been considerably far too fast paced at that time, when we developed our household. I typically did imagine of Yuuki Yoshida-san, but did not uncover his e-mail deal with nor his internet site again.

And now

In August 2012 the The Japan Occasions printed an report about Yuuki Yoshida with the title: Atomic bomb survivor credits want to study for residing ‘four lives’The write-up begins:

Yuuki Yoshida, 80, divides his life span into 4 various “lives,” but he has lived every of them by subsequent 1 maxim: “Try to master as if you had been to are living without end, and stay as if you have been to die tomorrow.”

As a survivor of the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the manager of a affluent trucking firm, a company guide and now, in his “fourth life” — living in the Philippines recently remarried and starting up refreshing once more — Yoshida sees perpetual studying as the only way to stay.

Yuuki Yoshida-san is now about 82 years old and lives in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Among his files as a witness of the Atomic-Bomb disaster in Hiroshima I would advise to browse this document

Yuuki Yoshida Testimony of an Atomic Bomb Survivor right after 65 A long time of Silence

I am now happily looking ahead to revive this so cherished call.

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