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Generic drugs in the Philippines.  Are they secure?  Are they actually economical? Are there better options? Our effect is that the Philippine pharmaceutical field manufactures couple medication. Typically it purchases raw elements, or semi-finished products and solutions, repackages and marketplaces them. The large vast majority of drug producing for Asia (and the rest of the earth)  is in India and China. Increasingly U.S. pharmaceutical firms are farming-out their drug manufacturing to establishing international locations, especially India.  Even the most significant, most recognized Indian drug makers have had high-quality regulate problems. If they marketplace in the U.S., their crops are to be inspected by the Food and drug administration. The Food and drug administration found troubles at Dr. Reddy, which is now owned by a Japanese drug enterprise. It is most likely the product of the crop. Ordinarily you have no idea where by the generic drug in a Philippine pharmacy essentially comes from. I have by no means witnessed any generic medication from the major founded generic corporations this kind of as Teva or Mylan.

Filipino doctors are by themselves suspicious of generic medicine in the Philippines. A study of medical professionals showed that 70% are opposed to the 1988 generic drugs act.  Why?  A vast majority of these medical professionals believe that the Philippine Bureau of Meals and Prescription drugs is not able of making sure the quality of the generic drugs.  Filipinos also have a tendency to obtain brand identify medicine.  It’s tricky to know if these suspicions are justified.  Pharmaceutical profits reps overrun the offices of Philippine doctors, just as they do in the U.S.  Most of them are articulate, nicely groomed and eye-catching.  It would be astonishing if they did not motivate medical professionals to be suspicious of the generics which are a menace to their companies and their very own careers.  This is a replay of what happened in the U.S. in the early times of generics.

In our working experience, Philippine doctors mostly seem uninterested in the affordability of the medications they prescribe.  Most specify high priced manufacturer-name medicines.  We usually ask medical professionals about the availability of generics.  Sometimes they feel stunned and disappointed with their affected individual that they would stoop to use generics.  The the drug enterprise brain washing would seem to work!

We have utilized Philippine generics for many years.  We adhere to getting them at Mercury or an additional dependable pharmacy these as Rose or Watson’s.  Usually we acquire United Labs or Pharex products and solutions.  These are the two biggest generic drug makers in the Philippines.  The medication work as they need to.  We have had no challenges.  But, Philippine generics are not reasonably priced by entire world expectations. For illustration, Bob requires the drug Finasteride each individual day and will have to for the remainder of his existence.  A generic variation prices $1.08 (USD) per capsule at Mercury.  The very same tablet from a big Indian pharmaceutical company (Cipla) costs $.40.   Pfizer Atorvastatin (Lipitor – designed in Turkey) 40mg fees $1.17 at Mercury.  The Cipla products expenditures $.68 (in addition postage) at

So, if they can pay for it, expats and nicely-to-do Filipinos can adhere with overpriced manufacturer title medications at quite substantial rates. We are inclined to shop at Mercury Drug or Watson (owned by a big Hong Kong company) in the hope that they may exercising some judgment above the generics they offer.  I read that a Mercury rep suggests that their generics are acceptable for the middle classes — that is individuals who cannot find the money for brand name identify medications but who really don’t sense relaxed with common generics.

Here’s an post providing some perception into the Philippine generic medications market place as very well as that for some SE Asia neighbors.

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