Philippines Cold Weather - Strong Amihan Freezes Cordillera Mountains

Philippines Chilly Weather conditions – Robust Amihan Freezes Cordillera Mountains

Philippines Cold Weather – A potent Amihan (nort-east monsoon) delivers icy air from China.

Vacationers Warning: If browsing the rice terraces in Banaue or Bontoc, convey definitely heat dresses with you.

Even though creating this short article, I sit out on the veranda with a pullover and extensive pants – it is really fresh new here. Just before I neglect it, all photos are courtesy of Civil Protection Cordillera / Philip John Haight. Why are we sensation so cold and why are the Cordillera mountains freezing? Let us have a search on the Asian temperature map:

Philippines Cold Weather

Northern China, Mongolia and Russia face serious cold temperatures of down to -40°C (-40°F). The sturdy large stress areas more than continental Chine push the chilly air south, in the direction of the equator. The earth rotation drifts this cold air southwest. Filipinos connect with this winds from north-east Amihan. This map is accessible as a 7 days animated forecast on our Temperature web page.

Amihan = Philippines Chilly Temperature

In the Philippines, Amihan refers to the year dominated by the trade winds, which blow in the Philippines as a interesting northeast wind. This winds provide average temperatures, small or no rainfall, and a prevailing wind from the east. As a rule of thumb, the Philippines’ Amihan weather pattern begins sometime in September or October and finishes someday in May possibly or June. Nevertheless there may be large variations from year to yr. These an exception we practical experience this wintertime. Amihan is dry and new since it blows only on a instead brief length in excess of the clean sea. So it are unable to absorb substantially of humidity. Habagat on the contrary blows countless numbers of miles about the warm southern Pacific and delivers for that reason considerably far more heat and humid air to the Philippines.

Philippines Cold Weather

The arrows show the wind route to the Philippines and coloration suggests the average wind speeds. The pink shade tells us that the Pacific coast of the Visayas is quite windy. Also the central and western Visayas knowledge sturdy and gusty winds. This map is accessible as a 7 days animated forecast on our Weather conditions web page.

Philippines Chilly Weather Impressions

Philippines Cold Weather

Philippines Cold Weather

The temperature in Atok, Benguet went down below 0°C yesterday and now. Frost blanketed parts of vegetable farms. -2°C and -3°C were recorded on February 15 and 16 respectively. The land close to Atok is characterized as mountainous with many steep cliffs. The best place in the Philippine Freeway Process is situated at Barangay Paoay alongside Halsema Highway, at 2,255 metres (7,400 ft) above sea level. Atok is 48 kilometres (30 mi) from Baguio Town.

This altitude clarifies the frosty nights up there in the mountains. Dry air cools at about 10°C/1,000m. So Barangay Paoay experiences about 22°C decreased temperatures than all those calculated on the coast.

Vacationers Caution: If viewing the rice terraces in Banaue or Bontoc, carry seriously warm outfits with you.

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