Duma sunrise on ferry to cebu

Philippines Image Montage 6.11.15


Howdy, my fellow dreamers and welcome to however one more Philippines Photo Montage.  You could have observed that we have not been placing up as considerably material on our web page as I would in fact like to have up, but among zipping about for the house design, feverishly ending up my very own expat tutorial to the Philippines book (at 50,000 text, now), and – of system – quality nap time, I definitely have not been equipped to put a great deal things up.  Not to concern, nevertheless, cuz I have been digging by some photographs I lately took with my Samsung S5, and a couple of them came out very fantastic.

So, let us get down to it, shall we…

House building familly photo in front of build

Identify this unruly crew?  Yep, that is appropriate! The property is heading up very speedily, and despite the fact that not really up to “Code,” methinks it is likely to provide its reason fairly nicely.  The guy in the blue hat is Jun-Jun and he is Nikki and Nano’s father (and Mama K’s son).  His sister is subsequent to him and she is the a person letting them “rent” the large amount up coming to her for 200 pesos a month.  Oh, and by the way – you all rock for earning this take place.  ?


Ugh – that was a tough night time out on the town.  I imagine this all around my birthday (or someone else’s birthday) and the boys (Cory and I) bought shanghaied into videoake.  I essentially took some video of that misdavnture, and I am positive it will be up on our channel at some factors.  Hey, it is the Philippines – you gotta get down with the sickness!!  Oh, and the girls sang like angels – Cory and I croaking into the microphone was not for the faint of heart.


This is 1 of Tiger’s puppies.  Tiger is the puppy with the neurological condition that is the sorriest – but sweetest – pet I have still met in the Philippines.  She likes to hobble around right after me and get her ears scratched.  

Animal Tiger Pup 2

Here’s one more of the same pup – I shoulda been a nature photographer or sumthin….


Talking of animals in the Philippines – well, I actually consider it is an amphibian in the Philippines.  I’d do a Google lookup, but I am considerably far too lazy.  Anyhoo, this is a toddler gecko who just so happened to be ready to greet me at the base of my espresso cup.  It’s a excellent point I in fact observed him in advance of I poured my early morning joe.  I like my coffee dim and liquid – not crunchy.


Still an additional creature that lurks about in the Philippines, this one particular becoming the frequent cockroach.  This a person is not all that huge essentially but since I have only witnessed 3 in the household in the previous 12 months, I believed I would immortalize his stunned self on our blog site.  I had just wacked him with a flip flop, so he was a bit woozy.  Otherwise, I would not have risked putting my hand upcoming to him.


Using a Chap Stick for measurement comparison.  Again, this isn’t a big Philippines cockroach.  And you should do not check with me why I introduced Chap Stick to the Philippines.  It’s pretty much as ineffective as my bluejeans….


This was basically taken with our Sony Cybershot as I was tests the zoom operate.  I was actually zoomed in (it appeared as just a white dot from shore) and was pleasantly suprised to see that it came out fairly obvious.  This is optical zoom – not electronic zoom.  Oh, and I think it is an egret or pterodactyl or sumhin like that…


This is what you get when you depart your Philippines motorists license at dwelling.  Got pulled over at a PNP checkpoint 300 meters from my household.  I only experienced a Xerox of my license and not the first, so they impounded my bicycle.  Yep, which is right, I had to get off of it, give them the keys and observe them trip off to the law enforcement station….   Later on I exerted revenge my driving Sara’s RUSI with no a copy of the registration OR my license.  Ha – I showed them…


And this is my Yamaha the upcoming working day soon after I went to bail it out of motorbike jail.  The high-quality was only 50 peso, but it took a couple of hours to go from business to business in town hall to get papers signed.  Ah, it is more pleasurable in the Philippines….


I like my diesel Mitsubishi Pajero well more than enough, but I have also taken a fancy to this minor attractiveness that was parked down on the boulevard the other day.  I am not as well nuts about the absence of air conditinoing, but the device guns would likely be of good use all through rush hour.


Here’s the check out of the passenger…er… side gunner’s placement. It’s nice, but I’d possibly put some wonderful chrome rims on it just to give it some a lot more Filipino gangsta oomph.  Yeah, definitely spinners…


Wilkins .303 I assume.  The M-2 “Ma Duece” .50 cal have to be an choice on the LE model…



Yep, surely rims….

Duma sunrise on ferry to cebu

I do not know if I put this a single up now.  This sunrise was taken on the ferry that runs amongst Dumaguete and the southern suggestion of Cebu island.  I was proably on my way to get my exit clearance in Cebu Town when I took this. 

Food Fivebucks coffee machine


And last but not least, when you are actually itching for some mountain developed, darkish abundant roasted espresso beans…. really do not arrive here.  This is the 2nd “Fivebucks” coffee equipment that I have observed in Dumaguete.  The Five bucks refers to the slang for pesos.  The espresso expenditures five pesos, for this reason the five “bucks.”

So, that’s about it for now. Sara has been with her family in Mindanao for the previous 7 days, but she will be coming back again to the City of Mild People on Saturday.

It’s a good factor, cuz I’m starting up to pass up her.


Get care, ya’all!!