Philippines New Generation Coins (NGC) now circulating

Philippines New Era Coins (NGC) now circulating

All Philippines New Generation Coins are now in the community.

The NGC Coin Series will be formally released in July to coincide with the 24th anniversary of the central financial institution. But they are now out there and generate some confusion.

A good friend (Flor) despatched me a the title picture together with a minimal story: On a jeepney experience, Bill Kevin Del Rosario handed more than a 10-peso coin to the driver, who gave him his transform. It was only following he obtained off at his desired destination that he understood that the driver bought puzzled, giving him two five-peso coins alternatively of two 1-peso cash.

The aged coins had various colors. Copper and brass created the centavo coins. The 1 peso coin was plated with nickel. The 5 peso coin was plated with brass and the 10 peso coin was even bi-coloration nickel/brass.

The NGC New Technology Cash have a “metallic silver” visual appeal, and are built from resilient nickel-plated steel that have incredibly superior wear and corrosion resistance.

For that reason be cautious and test the transform immediately.

We have up to date our “money” web site, applied some corrections and released some new information. Money is right here.

The NGC New Generation Coins

Some days ago “Rappler” published an short article with great photos of the new cash. The primary posting is listed here.

The whole NGC series

New Generation Coins NGC

The old cash for comparison

Old Philippines Coins

The upcoming will demonstrate whether or not the aged or the new coin collection will endure. The new cash are hard to distinguish by touch and could also confuse those with weak vision. BSP claimed the new style and facts of the coins will deliver better kind and far better security. Much better variety? Is there a superior variety than a circle? And who will deliver counterfeit coins of a worth about 22 US cents for the 10 peso coin?

I am old more than enough to rember the time when nations around the world abandonned silver coins. The silver value then grew considerably larger than the cash price. In other countries the aluminium cash ended up abused as buttons for pants. And I am more than enough truthful to say that I obtain the 5 centavo coins currently to use them as washers …

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