Philippines Passport - All Data has vanished!

Philippines Passport – All Info has vanished!

Philippines Passport information obtained misplaced with the modify of passport maker.

The Philippine Star these days described that the Department of International Affairs (DFA) is demanding some of these renewing their Philippines Passport to deliver their delivery certificates as its earlier outsourced passport maker “took away” all its applicants’ information,

Overseas Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. mentioned:

“We are rebuilding our information from scratch simply because earlier outsourced passport maker took all the data when deal (was) terminated.”

“Because prior contractor received pissed when terminated it designed off with knowledge. We did almost nothing about it or could not for the reason that we ended up in the mistaken. It will not materialize all over again. Passports pose countrywide stability difficulties and can’t be kept back again by personal entities. Info belongs to the point out,” he stated in one more publish.

All Philippines Passports are touched by this challenge except the e-Passport

Latest Philippines Passport on the right side

Applicants renewing brown or green passports or maroon equipment-readable passports are required to submit delivery certificate. Homeowners of a new e-Passport are exempt of this prerequisite because all info is stored in the inbuilt memory chip.

Thoughts occur

All the loaded in knowledge of the sort under now are in the arms of an unauthorised individual. What will come about?

Philippines Passport Application Form
Philippines Passport Application Form
  • Why did the Philippines Government give all this personal and delicate facts in private arms?
  • What is the Philippines Federal government doing to get the stolen info back?
  • Is the National Bureau of Investigation monitoring the business and the personnel associated in this scandal?
  • Who pays if materials and immaterial losses consequence of this knowledge theft?
  • Responses may be presented on Twitter!
  • Due to the fact his appointment as DFA secretary in Oct previous year, Teodoro Locsin Jr., a previous journalist and lawmaker, has been using Twitter to tackle the issues of the general public.
  • Check out him on Twitter: @teddyboylocsin 
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