Me waching clothes (800 x 450)

Philippines Residence Partner, Hypermart and Fleet Foxes at?v=gcAyslxS3_Y


I just place up our newest vacation to Hypermart online video, in which I am on a quest to come across a meat tenderizer.  You see, with Sara now operating, I can not count on her to be cooking following 9 hrs in a hot office, so it’s up to me to begin cooking.  And thinking about that I have practically zero cooking expertise, it’s a little bit of a challenge.

The online video was really pleasurable to do – the output values are very magnificent in regards to awfulness – the Go Pro 2 is mounted crooked on my upper body harness, and I am employing the backup digicam, which looks to have some audio issues.  Ah, perfectly – at least people can see at the time all over again what retailers and procuring are like in the Philippines. 

We go to Hypermart about once a week, primarily to inventory up on the major things like bread, rice, peanut butter, meats, soda and the like.  The charges and usefulness of browsing there are location on, but their rates on fish and veggies are awfully substantial – it’s a lot greater hitting the Daro deliver industry on Tuesdays and Fridays for the veggies and passing by the Dumaguete public industry early in the early morning for fresh new fish.  As I was filming, I also famous that I should almost certainly do a part on shopping costs listed here so peeps can examine it versus what they are spending in the relaxation of the globe.  You can find some sign of normal expenses for Dumaguete more than at – the precise link to it can be uncovered In this article

Shopping Hyper Rat on Floor
Useless rat from our past Hypermart Journey

Whacha Doin?
I invested fairly a bit of time operating on collating all of our pics and video clip inventory – I take a lot of each and experienced them scattered all over the place.  Becoming unorganized causes me stress, so it was a very good experience to finally get almost everything in one particular position.  I require to begin publishing up additional images in the web site and on our Fb.  The difficulty with putting them up on the website is that I have to resize them ahead of publishing – the storage place we have on our server is constrained, and with every image becoming about 4 MB, it adds up rapid.  So what I do is use a system known as pixresizer which does just that – it can take that 4 MB file and shrinks it down to about 150 KB with no apparent loss of high quality.  And taking into consideration that I am not a fantastic photographer (and am relying mostly on cellular phone cameras), the high quality is not significantly to commence with.

Dude blowin his horn on the boulevard…
Goat close friend of mine up at the kids’ new house

House Partner
Sara has been working for above two months now.  I am happy for her, and she would seem to be enjoying it.  She was in an comprehensible funk for a fantastic though immediately after her father passed absent, and I consider having a job is a fantastic thing.

Me waching clothes (800 x 450)
A home husband’s do the job is hardly ever done….

Considering that she is functioning, I have taken on the occupation of “house spouse.”  You know, cinching on my apron, carrying out the dishes, sweeping and mopping the floor, mowing the grass, washing the vehicles, grocery shopping…. all that fun stuff.  Leasing a dwelling in the Philippines can be a discomfort – with the incessant warmth and humidity, only sweeping the floor can be a relatively moist experience.  Mowing the grass is an complete mess – I commonly only use shorts and those people are drenched through by the time I am carried out.  Yuck…  But, at least it is a excellent cardio exercise routine.

Rouser 200NS
I am Critically looking at paying for this bike.  I know I have been expressing it for a when, bu
t it’s really considerably the fantastic bike for the Philippines – light-weight (only 50 lbs heavier than my YBR125) and powerful sufficient at 25 horsepower for the Philippines.  The YBR is a wonderful bike, don’t get me incorrect – it is just so underpowered and hoping to manage 70 KMPH on a prolonged excursion is rather really hard.  I am also contemplating about seeling the truck (yet all over again).  We just don’t use it that a great deal at all, and rainy year in the Philippines  isn’t like monsoon season in other parts of southeast Asia.  It rains for 50 percent a working day at most, and then normally the sunshine will come out.  The Rouser prices 98,000 pesos model new.  I can possibly offer my YBR for about 38,000, so I will just have to make up the 60K distinction.  It’s doable.

Kawasaki Rouser 200 NS

Witnessed at Unitop Department Retail outlet – Purveyor of High-quality Chinese Products….
And it appears as if the President has already started off up his new profession route – exporting Obama pens!

Shopping unitop obama pens

Fleet Foxes
Oh, yeah – someone turned me on to a band named Fleet Foxes.  I really don’t know how to describe their songs, but they had been fairly wonderful.  Test out the online video for Grown Ocean under and enable me know if I am erroneous!  I just kinda would like I even now smoked pot….