Philippine Real Estate Purchase Checklist

Price tag of Living in Philippines

Our month-to-month fees residing around Iloilo Metropolis. We discover that, with care, we can stay pretty very well in Iloilo Town on about $2,000 for each month.  We very own or very own household so no rent is provided.  The main value of residing thoughts you need to alter for are:

  • Prescription drugs and health care treatment.  A $2,000 per thirty day period finances may well address schedule clinical and dental treatment for a reasonably healthier couple.  An individual demanding costly prescription prescription drugs or highly-priced professional medical care wants to modify the budget accordingly.  A reserve account to deal with unexpected emergency professional medical costs is a should.
  • Assist you present to your spouse’s Philippine loved ones — plan and exclusive these kinds of as clinical emergencies.
  • Spouse and children sizing.
  • Eating out, amusement
  • Fees in kinds dwelling country.
  • Immigration fees.
  • Overseas vacation.
  • Any installment payments these as for a motor auto.

Here’s our charges for 2011 (in U.S. Bucks)

Car 454.88
Bank Cost 80.74
Guides, Magazines, Music 381.46
Clothing 388.12
Computer 1,150.68 (involves hardware)
Eating Out 715.77 (contains travel)
Enjoyment 96.97
Household Help 5,795.32 (health care, training, funeral)
Gifts 105.82
Groceries 3,975.95
Household Design 1,425.41
Residence Furnishings 1,160.30
Property Landscaping-Garden 456.46
Dwelling, Maintenance 523.77
Household 1,274.56 (features generator)
Labor 698.79
Professional medical/Dental 7,124.75 (involves major operation – about $5,000)
Photography 443.54 (features camera)
Postage, Shipping 179.95
Hire 00.00 (individual property)
Tax 219.06
Transportation 149.68
Travel 1,501.01
Bottled Drinking water 175.15
Electrical energy home 1114.22
Garbage & Recycling 55.80
Generator gas 39.41
Net 411.18
Propane 95.11
Phone 314.48

Total Utilities Utilities 2,205.35

Full 2011 Bills  $31,000 (approximate)


Expenses had been large because of to completion and furnishing of new home, family professional medical (including big operation) and funeral expenses.

Would be Philippine retirees generally request if they can are living in the Philippines for $600 per thirty day period or $800 or $1000 for every month.  The respond to to all these is yes.  If you are healthful, can be happy dwelling in a rural location, riding general public transport, searching in the public markets, avoid imported foods and can get along devoid of air conditioning and perhaps Web obtain (if you are reading through this it’s possible you can not), you can live on really minor. is an intriguing site providing price tag of residing and other good quality of lifetime comparisons for various areas all around the planet.  What’s primarily fascinating is that the details is provided by folks residing in the numerous communities.  You can log in and report on factors these kinds of as the price tag of a dozen eggs or a loaf of bread in your group, so that the details reviews is localized, specific and sensible.  It’s well worth a seem.  Since it is a reasonably new web site with restricted details there are quirks.  For instance it stories a lessen criminal offense level (as documented by people) in Manila than Iloilo Metropolis.  To us that’s laughable.