Should retirees bring 110 volt appliances to the Philippines?

Really should retirees carry 110 volt appliances to the Philippines?

Ought to all those shifting from the United states to the Philippines carry their appliances with them?

We obtained suggestions that we must go away our 110v devices at dwelling and get new in this article.  I simply cannot notify you how usually we rue this conclusion.  Great kitchen appliances such as Braun, Krups, KitchenAid are tough to discover and very highly-priced in the Philippines — about 2X.  Oh how I want for the 110v  treadmill I gave away in the US!  We gave away our appliances when we still left the US and now we are having new 110v appliances this kind of as Kitchen area Aid foodstuff processor despatched from the US through balikbayan box.  We’re not on your own in this. I simply cannot tell you how a lot of Philippine households and businesses I have witnessed making use of 110v machines running off of action-down transformers.  If you go into the health heart of 1 of Iloilo’s key resorts you will see rows of treadmills running off of transformers.  In a bakery they are making use of 110v KitchenAid mixers, and so on.

It is much better to get frequently-utilised, superior-wattage appliances in the Philippines toasters, espresso makers etcetera.  Also, stage down transformers do waste electricity, so we really don’t leave ours plugged in.  When we will need to use (for instance) the stitching machine, or recharge the cordless drill, we plug in the transformer only when we are using the appliance.  Normally the transformer sits on the kitchen counter unplugged.

There is the danger of any individual making a slip-up and plugging a 110v appliance into a 220v outlet.  My wife did this with her sewing machine and questioned why it was jogging so fast!  Miraculously it was not damaged.  A great deal will count on your house.  We have not ruined appliances because there is just the two of us and a maid who is pretty cautious.  If you have a additional several or less careful family, then fail to remember 110v stuff.

Bringing personal computers and peripherals to the Philippines.

Practically all personal computers can work in the Philippines without the need of a distinctive adapter.  Check out the label on your equipment. The Philippines is 220v 60 cycles.  Most personal computers (but not tools and peripherals)  will immediately alter.

Almost usually you can plug in your laptop computer.  You might require an adaptor for your plug so it will fit into two-prong Philippine fashion stores.  The Philippine outlets are just like individuals in the United states of america or Canada besides typically they do not have a floor lug.  If your personal computer has a ground lug bring an grounded to non-grounded two prong adapter. Adapters are accessible at all components stores in the Philippines.

Some desktop computer systems have a 220/110 volt swap on the energy supply.  Be absolutely sure that this is set to 220v just before plugging in.

WARNING:  Many computer components and peripherals are 110v only.  This consists of many printers (I had to buy a new just one when I acquired listed here), USB hubs, speakers, surge protectors, battery backup and so forth.  Be absolutely sure to test just before you plug in.  My Brother printer was 110v only.  My Apple wi-fi router labored without a problem. My LaCie Fireware travel worked with no a dilemma.  My run Belkin USB hub was 110 only.  You can buy action down transformers to operate your 110v computer equipment in the Philippines but don’t forget that electricty is costly in the Philippines and these transformers squander power.  Personal computer equipment usually is plugged in 24/7.  It may perhaps be better to just purchase new gear in the Philippines.  But, deliver any laptop laptop or computer with you.  They all run great on 220v and are substantially cheaper in the US — if which is exactly where you are coming from,