Recommended Iloilo, Philippines Doctors and Dentists

Recommended Iloilo, Philippines Doctors and Dentists

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of doctors in Iloilo. For the newcomer it’s a challenge to find the best ones. We’re making progress, but our comments are those of relative newcomers who  still have lots to learn. Here’s an example of the need for caution. I had an eye exam at a well-known ophthalmologist in Cebu City. He diagnosed me with cataracts and said the sooner I had surgery the better. When I went back to New York, my long-time ophthalmologist said my cataracts were not serious and I would not need surgery for ten years or more.  That was in 2005.  I am writing this in 2017 and just now had cataract surgery.

New Qualimed Hospital

New Qualimed Hospital.  Nicer offices, more parking and often higher fees.  Many good University of the Philippines Medical School graduates are concentrated here, here but it’s often less expensive to see them in other clinics they maintain in the city center.  Qualimed is new and not all equipment is ready.  Some doctors have more of their equipment at their offices in the city center, so for now the city center clinics might be a better choice.

Generally you do not make an appointment with a Philippine doctor or dentist.  They maintain “clinic” hours at their various office(s).  You just show up during the clinic hours and wait your turn.  If you call in advance to make an appointment, you may just be told to show up during clinic hours. Bring something to read. If you become a regular you may be able to schedule specific appointments. Offices are often cramped and not so fancy as what foreigners may be used to, although the recent proliferation of more upscale hospitals is leading to better facilities — and higher prices.  Don’t be too quick to measure the quality of the doctor or dentist by the character of their offices, but the number of patients waiting may be an indicator.  The cost of a routine doctor’s appointment in Iloilo City is generally P300 to P500.  These suggestions are only based on personal experience and or recommendations from trusted friends.

  • For an eye doctor, we very much like and trust Iloilo ophthalmologist Dr. Karen Y Rivera-Francia who trained at the University of Santo Thomas in Manila.  Her office is at Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital Medical Arts Condominium Room 108.  Her equipment is up to date, her manner highly professional.   She charged us P400 for an an exam including dilation and glaucoma and cataract screening. Phone 336-8699 Clinics MWF 1-4 T-Th 10-3 (as of 9-10-11)  Dr. suggests that you call for an appt.  Dra. Francia does perform laser and other eye surgery.
  • We trust retinal specialist (eye surgeon) Anne Marie Gertrude Casenas.  Her office is at the Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital Room 104 Condo Building.  Monday to Saturday 8:30 – 11:00 AM, 1:30 to 5:00 PM. +63 33 337-1222.  It’s best to schedule an appointment as she is very busy.
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngologist)  Bob had a persistent middle ear infection, was seen by three doctors and went through multiple courses of antibiotics.  It was Dra. Melita Uy who found the solution.  I was ready for more drastic measures such as drainage tubes or grommets or even a CT scan but Dra. Uy said those steps were not necessary, although they would have been profitable  She is a graduate of Santo Thomas Medical School.  Her fees are reasonable.
    Dra Uy Clinic Hours

    Dra Uy Clinic Hours

  • We’ve used Urologist Pedro Tingson.  He is well-regarded.  He has offices at St. Pauls Hospital (337-6449) and Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital (337-2527)
  • Dermatologist. We can recommend Aileen Montero MD, with an office at Room 203 Iloilo Doctors Hospital Office Condo, 336-5556.  She was on the list of board certified dermatologists in Iloilo given to me by New York dermatologist.  She does our regular dermatology checkups.  She removed some very large moles on my scalp.  She did an excellent job at a modest price. Dr. Montero is a graduate of the UP Medical School.

    Dra. Montero’s new schedule

  • I like cardiologist Dexter Dale D. Briones at the J&B Building, Quezon Street, 508-9544.  He is a graduate of the St. Luke’s Heart Center. Clinics begin at at 1:00 and are busy.
  • Another well regarded cardiologist is Joefil Acosta, St. Pauls Hospital 2nd Floor Room 2054, Phone 338-1814.
  • Neurosurgeon Paul Francia trained at University of Santo Thomas in Manila and in New York. His office is in the Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital, Medical Arts condo. Phone 337-4525
  • Gastrointerologist,  Ma. Theresa Nadala, a UP Medical School graduate is very professional and thorough.  She offers a colonoscopy for about P16,000, including anesthesia.   Her clinic is at Iloilo Doctors Hospital +63333374054.  Danilo Encarnacion is Chair of Digestive Disorders Department at St Paul’s Hospital and is recommended on the US Embassy website.  We have found him to be very capable and thorough. I would trust him to perform a colonoscopy, but I did not ask him the cost of one. Perhaps I was not so anxious to have one!  +63-33-336-1555.  Clinics M-Sat 9-1. Initial exam was P400.
  • We received excellent reports on Plastic Surgeon Maria Elena Villareal.  Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital Office Condo. Phone: 0917-659-8197, Clinic (033) 3371453, (033)3371576 Clinics: 9:00-12:00 noon, Monday to Friday.
  • Bob had to have a biopsy of a suspicious growth on his forehead.  This was done by plastic surgeon Jay G. Estoya Email  His office is at Qualimed Hospital. +63 33 393 3365.  The growth was removed and the tissue sent to a specialist in Manila.  Total cost was P10,000.
  • Friends have given a positive recommendation to internal medicine and pain management specialist Dr. Celine Vilches at the Pain Management and Palliative Care Center at Iloilo’s Mission Hospital, Jaro, Iloilo City
  • For Obstetrician-Gynecologist, we suggest U.P. trained Laura Tupas.  Dr. Tupas is trained as a gynecological oncologist and maintains a general ob-gyn practice at the new Qualimed Hospital.
  • Pulmonologist Sheenly Terrafrancia-Suresca is a U.P trained respiratory disease specialist.  She maintains clinics at the mezzanine level of the J&B Building on Quezon Street above the Erin Family Pharmacy (508-3113) (T-W-F 2pm).  She also has clinics at The Medical City Iloilo and in Guimbal. Guimbal clinics are M-Th-Sat. Guimbal phone 315-5509
  • We are very impressed with U.P. trained Endocrinologist (diabetes specialist) Diana Marie Javellana-Cacho.  She also maintains an office at St. Paul’s Hospital in Iloilo City and at Qualimed.  Clinics are M & W 2-5 and F 9:30-12:30.  Call for an appointment. 033-337-6117
  • Psychiatrist Daisy Chua-Daquilanea sees many foreign patients.  Her new office is Qualimed Hospital.  She sees patients by advance appointment.  Phone +63-33-393-2215.  Consultation fee P800.
  • Gretchen Ramirez, DMD, Dentist, Zapanta Dental Clinic, Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital Medical Arts Condominium Room 105. Phone 337-2220.  More confidence-inspiring office than most. Uses ultrasonic scaling, sterilized water for drills and mouth washing.  Has x-ray equipment. Sent us for a panoramic xray at Iloilo Dental College (P700).  Fillings P800 per surface. Teeth cleaning P800.  Many Iloilo dentists, even good ones (and not so good) have office locations and accouterments which are a bit shabby by international standards.  Not so with Dr. Ramirez.  Her offices should make foreigners feel more comfortable.  We have had nothing but good reports from those who have tried Dr. Ramirez.

Also see our suggestions on Manila doctors and hospitals.

Our niece sees a dentist in Iloilo City

It’s in your interest to be an informed patient.  This is especially true in the Philippines.  Go to trusted online sources (we like to learn about your condition(s) and double-check what your physician is telling you and prescribing for you.  Have the lab tests recommended for diagnosing your condition been performed?   If you find information which seems contrary to what your doctor has told you, either go back to the doctor and raise your concerns or get a second opinion.  You and your family are the ones who will suffer the consequences of misdiagnosis or mistreatment, so you have to do whatever you can to be an informed patient.  Some doctors, some good doctors will resent or be impatient with this.

Some doctors do not take detailed medical histories before prescribing a course of therapy.  They may be unaware of your other medical conditions and the other medications you may be taking. If you are taking multiple medications, do your own checking on side effects and conflicts.

Updated November 15, 2017