Money in the Philippines

Revenue in the Philippines



In the United States, I was reduce center course (or one thing along these strains).  In this article in the Philippines, nevertheless, I am a Peso multi-millionaire!!

Then again, its 45 pesos to the greenback suitable now…..


In ninety times, I have put in approximately $10, 500 USD.  Hoo-wah, big spender!   It appears like a lot, but it elements in the purchase of a brand new Yamaha YBR 125G ($1,500) and my Mitsubishi Pajero ($6,000).  Executing the math, it seems as if I am functioning a monthly budget of about $1,000 USD.  Not far too shabby.  You may possibly have heard that overseas forex goes a very long methods right here in the Philippines.  If you did, you read proper.  My every month spending funds is about $1,500, and I haven’t come close to that.  Continue to keep in brain also that I have been overspending on rent (15K pesos or $350) as I am being at Dumaguete Studio Flats, a beautiful lodging that is overpriced but definitely fantastic for a freshly arrived expat noob like myself.  [Typically, expats are paying anywhere from 6K-10K pesos per month for rent (about $135 to $230 USD) for nice apartments or even entire houses. ].  One more unforeseen price was the 6K pesos ($135) I had to pay back for antibiotics for the in the vicinity of-septic an infection I received from a sea urchin “attack.”

My tiny Pajero

Electric power is more costly than it is in the US.  My regular electric powered right here has been about 3.5K pesos or $70 USD – and that is with aircon running at night since I am a wuss when making an attempt to slumber in humid air.


Foodstuff in this article is dirt inexpensive.  I like Filipino food, and my each day food stuff fees are all-around 700 pesos or fifteen bucks.  I consume out all the time at carinderias, which are community roadside sites that are generally frequented far more by Filipinos than by expat ‘kanos.”  Generally, I get a cup of rice, some greens, and meat entrée for close to 75 pesos ($1.70).  Also like the Filipinos, I have a tendency to try to eat scaled-down but more various meals through the working day which seems to function effectively in a warm and humid natural environment.  I also invest in eggs from a nearby farm for about 6 pesos every single (about $1.60 for every dozen) and show up at the local farmers markets for refreshing fruits and greens. The only time food stuff is really costly below is when you are taking a date out for a night on the town.  Even now, the price tag is somewhat relative, as it only costs amongst 800 and 1200 pesos for a yummy meal for two($17-25).

Hen Pa’a – Mang Inasal Resto – 110 Pesos

Partially consumed escabeche – So yummy!!!  200 pesos

Present of dried fish from my girlfriend – could not try to eat it but it was totally free!

The most pricey food item I ordered listed here was at Thank God it’s Fridays (TGIF) in Cebu Metropolis,  wherever I wolfed down a Jack Daniels cheeseburger which cost me 800 pesos or somewhere around $18 USD.  The large meal also sent me in to a vicious food items coma. ?

TGIF Cebu – Jack Daniels Burger

The expense of labor is also remarkably  cheap. A go to to a medical professional expense around 200 pesos ($4.50).  Labor for obtaining your automobile repaired is close to 100 pesos ($2) for every hour.  I just recently experienced the gasoline pump on my Mitsubishi Pajero entirely rebuilt and only expenditures 5000 pesos ($112). Not way too shabby.


The charge of gasoline is minor extra high priced than the United States. Surprisingly adequate, or additional likely logically ample, the price tag of diesel is cheaper than gasoline. Thsi actually will make sese, as it is less expensive to refine than it is gasoline.  Again, this is in contrast to the charge of gas in the United States. Ideal now gasoline prices 55 pesos for every liter and diesel gas fees 47 pesos for every liter. A whole lot of the motor vehicles in the Philippines run on diesel because of to these expense savings and superior in general mileage for every tank of fuel. The Pajero I have is a handbook diesel and gets about 40 miles to the gallon.


Heading out on adventures all over the islands is also rather low-priced.  The five hour bus-ferry-bus journey from Dumaguete to the next major metropolis in the Phils, Cebu, set me back all around 750 pesos ($15).  You can enter seashore resorts for about a 100-400 peso “consumable” rate.  (Consumable just implies that you apply the expense of entry to lunch or supper at the resorts cafe – a quite excellent deal!). 

Maritime Sanctuary at Dauin is pretty durn cheap.

If you are an expat, you are issue to what is known as the “skin tax” or “long-nose tax.”  That is, you will be normally billed additional though searching at some destinations (more compact merchants, restos, etcetera.) than a indigenous Filipino will be charged.  When procuring at flea marketplaces, my girl tells me to go cover someplace so she can barter with the retailers.  (Now that I consider about it, she really tells me to go away fairly a bit……)  Shopping around for flats, household rentals or cars can also incur pores and skin taxes.  The most blatant illustration can be witnessed in this kind of as the charges collected at general public sites these kinds of as Twin Lakes park, which fees natives 10 pesos and foreigners 100 pesos.  Not a huge offer, really.

Cost Program – Twin Lakes, Negros Oriental

There is a Severe price price savings to residing in the Philippines. I am solitary nonetheless and have been sold that the price tag of boosting kids below can include exponentially to your living spending plan. Make feeling, but I have no speedy ideas on setting up a loved ones. There are quite a few websites and message boards presenting estimates on how a lot it charge to reside in the Philippines. Basically what it arrives down to are your expectations and what you are eager to shell out for Western “luxuries” like large-velocity Net,  massive “western” households, the latest auto and the newest electronic doodads. If you are prepared to reside simply just but nevertheless comfortably you can hope to pay around $1000 as well as per month on your residing fees.  To genuinely are living like the proverbial king, you’re hunting additional at about $3000 for each thirty day period.


Note:  An exciting web site to seem at price of dwelling comparisons is  Just plug in the Philippines and examine it to the US or other created nation.  The variation is staggering.


Be aware2: This is my to start with time utilizing a foreign currency. When I very first came to the Philippines I was unaccustomed to using their notes and or three situations where I handed too considerably money to the cashier. In all a few instances the cashier mentioned that I had overpaid and gave me back again the more expenses. So when I listen to fellow ex-pats complaining about the corruption and dishonesty in this region, I take it with additional than a couple grains of salt.

My greater fifty percent.