Revised traffic violation fines start today

Revised website traffic violation fines start out these days

Motorists and motorists in particular in Metro Manila, beware. The Section of Transportation and Conversation (DOTC) will implement today, June 19, the new traffic violation penalties in accordance with the Joint Administrative Purchase 01-2014.

The “corresponding procedures and polices for the enforcement of regulations governing land transportation solutions, together with the penalties for violations” will be jointly implemented by DOTC’s attached agencies – the Land Transportation Place of work (LTO) and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) – implementing the revised routine of fines for unique targeted visitors infringement like the next:

  • Driving without having a valid driver’s license – PHP 3,000 (from PHP 1,500) plus the offender will be disqualified from remaining granted a driver’s license or from driving a motor auto for one particular 12 months from the payment of the fantastic
  • Driving a motor vehicle used in committing a crime – PHP 10,000 (from PHP 3,000) in addition the offenders motorists license will be confiscated, and if convicted, revoked with the driver becoming perpetually disqualified from getting granted a driver’s license. The auto will also be impounded till right after the payment of suitable fines and penalties
  • Reckless driving – PHP 2,000 (from PHP 1,000) for the to start with offense PHP 3,000 (from PHP 1,500) for the next offense and PHP 10,000 (from PHP 2,000) for the 3rd offense. In addition, the offenders drivel’s license will be suspended for three months for the second offense and 6 months for the third offense, with the revocation of the license on succeeding offenses. A non-experienced driver whose license has been revoked will be disqualified from getting a driver’s license for two years from revocation, though a specialist driver whose license has been revoked will be perpetually disqualified from having a license
  • Failure to have on seatbelts – PHP 1,000 for the first offense PHP 2,000 for the 2nd offense and PHP 5,000 for the 3rd offense. PHP reviously, the high-quality was only PHP 250, regardless of the amount of offenses. Also, the motorists license of the offender will be suspended for just one week from the payment of the good for the 3rd and each and every succeeding offense. The DOTC also notes that children 6 decades aged and below are prohibited from sitting in the front passenger seat
  • Failure to carry a driver, license or the automobile, certification of registration or official receipt wh. driving a motor motor vehicle – PHP 1,000 (from PHP 200 for the license and from PHP 150 for the OR or CR)
  • Driving an unregistered motor auto – PHP 10,000 (from PHP 4,000) furthermore, if the non-registration has exceeded just one thirty day period, the vehicle shall be impounded and introduced only if it has been registered and its corresponding fines and penalties have been compensated. If the car has an undocumented motor (a independent PHP 5,000 beforehand), the car or truck will be impounded and barred from working for one particular year upon the payment of the fines even though the engine will be confiscated by the authorities
  • Unauthorized auto modification, which include the modify of shade “and other unauthorized modifications of the typical manufacturer’s specifications” – PHP 5,000 in addition the car will be impounded and introduced only on correction of the defect and the payment of the fine
  • Operating a motor auto without or with defective/poor/unauthorized extras, units, products and parts – PHP 5,000 (from PHP 150 to PHP 15,000) furthermore the automobile will be impounded right until the accent, product, devices or aspect is effectively set up, corrected or eradicated dependent on the offense and the great has been compensated. Any incorrect or unauthorized system will also be confiscated in favor of the government
  • All other violations of website traffic regulations and laws, from parking violations to illegal turns – PHP 1,000.
  • The last product also contain disregarding website traffic indicators, failure to dim headlights, permitting passengers on top rated, driving versus website traffic, illegal overtaking, cutting an overtaken car, overtaking at unsafe distance, failure to give way to overtaking car, rising velocity when staying overtaken, overtaking on a curve, failure to produce appropriate of way, failure to signal, and unsafe towing.

Source : Top rated Gear, Inquirernet

[Editor’s comment:] Tomorrow, the roadways in the Philippines will be empty  ? 


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