Strong Earthquakes

Robust Earthquakes, Worry and no Metal Bars

Sturdy Earthquakes and no Metal Bars, the end result is Fear!

After the strong earthquakes past Saturday in Surigao, I very first noticed the photo of the collapsed Anao-aon bridge posted by Stomach muscles-CBN. Someting on the photo appeared weird. Have a appear your self:

Strong Earthquakes

The bridge broke with cleanse, well aligned cracks. One important point is missing: The Steel Bars. Not one particular stop of a torn steel bar is noticeable on the photo. In this article is the similar bridge from the other facet:

Strong Earthquakes

Yet again not a single steel bar is obvious. Did they build the bridge with out steel bars? In which have the metal bars long gone?

Surigao Airport

The subsequent two pictures are from the airport in Surigao Metropolis. The shots display the damages of the runway and the taxiway. Once more not just one steel bar is obvious.

Strong Earthquakes

Strong Earthquakes

Strong Earthquakes – Fukushima

The image under demonstrates a constructing that survived the heavy earthquake and the adhering to tsunami in Fukushima (Japan).


This creating nonetheless stands, even with a quick ferry on the top. This making experienced been developed by Japanese engineers and Japanese personnel. It is intensely damaged but the construction did hold up. Why do homes and bridges collapse in the Philippines? The solution is: Missing or insufficient steel bars.

Bolstered Concrete

Strengthened concrete (RC) is a composite material in which concrete’s fairly very low tensile toughness and ductility are counteracted by the inclusion of reinforcement having bigger tensile strength or ductility. The reinforcement is commonly, although not necessarily, steel reinforcing bars and is normally embedded passively in the concrete before the concrete sets. Reinforcing techniques are typically created to resist tensile stresses in particular areas of the concrete that may possibly lead to unacceptable cracking and/or structural failure. Contemporary strengthened concrete can have diversified reinforcing materials made of metal, polymers or alternate composite content in conjunction with reinforcing bars or not. Reinforced concrete may well also be permanently pressured (in compression), so as to boost the habits of the last framework below performing loads. In the United States, the most popular procedures of accomplishing this are acknowledged as pre-tensioning and write-up-tensioning. Fascinated? Find additional information and facts on Wikipedia.

When we crafted our household, we inserted several tons of steel bars. 3 impartial statics engineers confirmed the calculations. And incredibly crucial: We verified every single steel bar and every single binding just one by a person. Some impressions:

 Steelbars vs. Strong Earthquakes

The beam composition of our roof. We applied the very same beam structure on ground and on foundation concentrations. We used 12 and 16 mm metal bars.

Steelbars vs. Strong Earthquakes

The roof reinforcement. We checked each metal bar and each and every binding. We slice each loose binding and had our workers binding them once again.

Steelbars vs. Strong Earthquakes

Intersection of two crossing beams and a column.

We necessary a great deal of time to do this reinforcing operate. Our residence experienced not a single crack when the earth trembled in 2013 in Bohol and now in Surigao. Our engineer and our 3 statics specialists promise the stability of the composition of our dwelling for earthquakes up to Magnitude 7 right beneath our ft. In 2013 the whole household moved strongly. Drinking water spilled and we had problems to stand upright. But very little cracked.

 Philippines Community Work

The major trouble below in the Philippines is the bidding mechanism an the accounting of public initiatives. Civil engineers do exact calculations. Their effects can be observed on the roadside indications of the building sites. Costs are calculated down to one particular centavo this implies down to USD .0001!

Steelbars vs. Strong Earthquakes

Unfortunately a section of the original budget vanishes almost usually. Wherever does this income go? Don’t talk to me, request the engineers because it’s them who are struggling. They have to finish the venture with the left over money. So they reduce the fees in an invisible way. One of these invisible approaches is to reduce or even omit the metal bars. And then a potent earthquake shakes this feeble concrete.

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