Roofing Screw Warning – learn from our mistakes! (Updated)

Roofing Screw Warning – study from our faults! (Up-to-date)

When we bought roofing for the property we built almost 10 yrs back, we desired the very best we could get.  We compensated substantially more to have .6mm thick epoxy painted, aluminum/zinc coated metal.  The roofing material has held up fairly effectively in places exactly where the underside is not uncovered to the climate, but the roofing screws had been low cost and horrible.  Take note that they seriously have nearly no protecting coating.  As a outcome the hundreds or hundreds of screws keeping down our roof are rusty, and are streaking the roof with rust.

Our lousy roofing screws

When I complained about the rusty screws, I was told the option is to paint each and every rusty screw head with a matching colour automotive enamel.  Had I identified that I had to make a specific energy with regards to the screws, I could have investigated roofing screws and uncovered that stainless metal screws are obtainable.  Yes, they would have charge additional, but how I would like I had carried out so.  Now we are stuck with changing the screws, assuming that the rusty screws can be extracted and changed

Stainless metal roofing screws from China

Yet another consideration is.the size of the screwheads. Sheets of roofing resist blowing off if the roofing screw  screwheads have substantial diameter heads and/or washers.  The heads on our screws are about 13mm.  The following (an fantastic, necessary guidebook to roofing in storm prone locations) recommends at least 20 mm screwheads. files/docs/ifrc-sru_cgi-roofing_handbook_e-version_significant-res.pdf

Notice that the screws revealed over do not contain washers.  They are readily available separately and include an EPDM washer topped with a stainless metal disk.

So, if you are creating your Philippine Daily life property, this is one more suggestion to enable you create it perfectly.

Update:  Right here are images and suggestions from reader Paul Holtslag:

27 12 months aged roof





Closeup of epoxy coated Tek screws on 27 12 months aged roof.















“Some photos of my roof immediately after 27 many years. We are now replacing the total roof. You can see that the screws lasted rather nicely with the epoxy coating. In fact, I assume that if you use the obtainable tecscrews, they are perhaps not ideal, as long as:
– you use.more to compensate for the smaller heads
– you dip them in grease ahead of use
– you coat the heads in epoxy after set up
– you involve them in the typical roof routine maintenance (painting of terrible spots)”

Another roof attachment scheme.

A lot more and much more I have witnessed metal roofs attached with bolts which increase by way of the roof with the nuts and washers previously mentioned the roof floor.