Michell and Dina’s Spaghetti-Fest for the Homeless

Sara and Dina’s Spaghetti-Fest for the Homeless


Like lots of cities and towns throughout the Philippines, Dumaguete has it’s good share of poor and homeless grownups and – a lot more breathtakingly – little ones.  You’ll see the legitimate stage of poverty and helplessness very a great deal as shortly as you land in the region, with Manila possessing some genuinely large squatter areas that survive off of the monstrous metropolis landfills.  For even a Westerner browsing for the initially time, it can be a actually heartbreaking encounter, and it’s generally about this time that our environment-perspective begins to shift a little bit in perspective and we get started to enjoy and be grateful for a large amount of things we have previously taken for granted.

This earlier Saturday evening, Sara, Dina, Cory and I have been out possessing dinner at Kamalig Restaurant.  About halfway into to my scorching squid and next (or 3rd) Pilsen, Sara and Dina announced that they ended up setting up on cooking up a spaghetti meal and feeding some homeless youngsters.  It came as a surprise to me, as it was the to start with I had read of it.  Sara and Dina then went on to say that they would do all the operate purchasing almost everything that was essential and do all the perform cooking it up – they just preferred to use my almost never-applied Mitsubishi Pajero to distribute it.  

Interesting, I assumed – these are some righteous women of all ages.

So, a few days afterwards, Dina and Sara met up in city and with their very own dollars bought 3 kilograms of spaghetti, 5 kilograms of sauce, 1 kilogram of floor pork, 60 Styrofoam trays, 12 loaves of bread, a person huge block of Eden cheese, a couple of bundles of platic forks and 60 containers of fruit punch “bags o’ juice.”.  They brought it all again to the household, fired up the stove and begun cooking up effervescent cauldrons of spaghetti goodness whilst Cory and I pretty significantly lazed about the household. (I truly went to the gym…)

Once the cooking was carried out, Sara and Dina waited for it to neat and ladled the spaghetti into the trays, covering it with sauce, cooked pork, and a awesome yummy layer of Eden cheese.  The trays were being then boxed up and put in the Pajero.  Once totally loaded with tasty comestibles, we fired up the truck and headed out.

When in town, we stopped the truck and Dina and Sara handed out the trays to individuals in have to have by the central park, the outdated church on Perdices avenue, a facet road by Lee Plaza, together the boulevard and finally, down by the port, the place a range of avenue kids are identified to cling out. 

Aged Church on Perdices Avenue
A Rotonda in Quezon Park
Down by the Boulevard




By Lee Plaza
By Church on Perdices
The Boulevard




Dumaguete Port




To explain to you the fact, Cory and I ended up exhausted after a handful of hours of attempting to retain up with the two of them as they carted bins of trays all more than the city and passed them out. We have been all feeling pretty fantastic about what we were undertaking till we received to the port to go out the last of the trays.  There, Sara and Dina ended up talking in swift hearth Bisaya with a young female with blondish hair and a blue and white shirt.  From their expressions, I realized it was not very good.  And it was only a bit later on as we ended up driving property that I read the rest of that story – the girl’s mom was a prostitute and she had very substantially offered away or deserted all the girl’s other brothers and sisters.  The minor lady really much lived down by the port together with some other homeless avenue youngsters, and they just tried using to get by any way the could.

Shit like that hits me suitable in the chest.  Sure, providing foods to the hungry is a superior factor, but couldn’t we be carrying out more to give just a person of these youngsters a better life?  Options and opportunities quickly churn by way of one’s mind when imagining of these types of things….  

Anyhow, that is just me.   

A specific many thanks to Dina and Sara for coming up with this strategy and doing all the do the job to understand it’s joyful summary.  You both rawk!!

Note:  I also took a great deal of video of them cooking up the fest and passing it out.  I will possibly be putting that footage up more than the weekend.  

Consider care ya’all!!