Michell cooking pinkabet, furniture shopping update, and air conditioners…..

Sara cooking pinkabet, household furniture shopping update, and air conditioners…..

So, after we finally strike the Daro create market place (on the erroneous day, so only moldering scraps remained), we brought our unwell-gotten booty back to the house where by Sara was form sufficient to prepare dinner me up some pinkabet.  At initially, when she advised me what was on the menu, I assumed she experienced stated “peanutbutt,” which led to me thinking why we hadn’t gotten peanuts or pork butt.  As soon as it was all sorted out, she started slicing and dicing whilst I grabbed the GoPro and took a brief film of her culinary wizardry.  As I may possibly have outlined right before, I can not actually cook dinner, so obtaining someone who can in a connection is fairly considerably a god send out.  

Pinkabit has a lot of greens in it, which is some thing my pathetic diet sorely desires.  Observing foods a lot more as a necessity than a satisfaction, I generally just wolf down carrenderia food whilst on the go, which is resplendent  with MSG, animal proteins, excess fat and sugar.  Carrenderias really do not have a complete whole lot of veggie dishes usually, and when they do, it is normally just Baguio beans and probably some chop suey that always appears like is has found greater times.  I am also a significant lover of eggs and BBQ hen, which are low-priced and simple to prepare (boil/microwave and chow).  The pinkabet had eggplant, squash, beans and a bunch of other things tossed in.  Sara was upset that we experienced forgotten the tomatoes and ampalaya, but considering that I am not a enthusiast of both a single, I did not reduce also substantially snooze above it.  She also lamented on not obtaining shrimp paste (fermented shrimp goo with plenty of salt) and scolded me for getting “accidently” thrown it absent when we moved from Candau-ay to Bunao.  Yep, I really do not think I will live that a single down at any time shortly.

Magic Sarap – MSG Pixie Dust!!

The pinkabet was scrumptious and the moment it was all set, Sara dutifully reminded me of my dishwashing tasks.  Getting the liberated, progressive pair that we are, we attempt to break up the chores, and I have acquiesced to getting the washer of the dishes so prolonged as she will be the cooker of the food items.  It is functioning out pretty superior.


In much more recent information, Sara is down and out with a quite bad cold.  I had just gotten above 1, so I guess she was thanks.  I can explain to she’s genuinely sick mainly because she is refusing to take in rice.   ?    It is 7:00 PM ideal now and the weak lass is crashed out future to me on the futon as I type this entry up.  She has to go to function at 3 AM, so she requires her rest.  I am also testing out the energy utilization of our two little aircons.  I obtained a pleasant Provider from Lazada.com, and so far it appears to be to be making use of a great deal a lot less juice than the “Everest” unit that arrived with the home.  I got the electrical invoice right now, so now I know which meter is ours outdoors on the pole.  The Provider is employing about .6 KW/h and the Everest is applying about .8.  Not a lot of a distinction, but it adds up over time.  In dollars, the Provider is utilizing about 11 cents an hour.  Not as well shabby.  It’s been a wee bit cooler as of late, but the humidity is still kicking butt.

We are continue to on the lookout for furniture, needing a eating room set (desk and chairs) and a sofa/living space ensemble.  I discovered a personalized shop that would make mahogany furniture today (eating home table and 4 chairs for 15,000 pesos – $350) and am also a considering rattan/wicker couch/chair desk detail for about the exact same price tag.  Decisions, decisions……

Right here Sara is reminding me of my dish washing duties…..

Here’s some random pics that I shot over the previous number of days:

Perimeter wall topped with glass bottle shards

Detect on the wall at the H2o Invoice Payment building – seems excellent.

Filipinos acquire their rides Pretty seriously – which is some sweet airbrushing…