Selfie Season Boracay 2014

Selfie Time Boracay 2014

Boracay is recognised as the “Party-Island”. What do you deliver property from a get together? A “Selfie” of system. 

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Selfie Stick

The good runner to be noticed by 10 countless numbers is the “Selfie Adhere“.The development for cameras on sticks, also recognized as monopods, is not new and a quantity of sticks are now obtainable for digital cameras from businesses. But monopods developed specifically for smartphones, having said that, were being unveiled at this year’s Mobile Environment Congress, including a Samsung edition from Chinese company Winners’ Sun Plastic Electronics. It is a trend that’s in particular well-known in Asia, such as Indonesia. Boracay seems to have the highest density of “Selfie Stick” allover Asia.

On White Seashore in Boracay 100 or even a thousand of sellers sell this “Ego Enhancers”. The vendor’s selling prices start out at PHP 1,500 or even 1,600. With a bit of luck, just one can bargain down to PHP 1,100. I have under no circumstances seen a seller heading underneath this magic limit.

On the other hand a person can invest in the same adhere in the retailers within the aged Talipapa market place. There the rate is PHP 650 and can be reviewed down to 600.

It’s funny to notice all these ego-shooters on the seaside …

Getting all set …
… and shoot !
Approximately an aerial image
You needn’t be a natural beauty
Wow! A GoPro Hero on a stick
The classical way is enough for this common beauty
No Selfie-Stick
I need to have an underwater “Selfie Stick” certain stainless steel – haha


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