Singing Diplomat

Singing Diplomat

Singing Diplomat – Switzerland Embassy’s range two is not only an superb diplomat but also an astonishing entertainer.

The new Counselor and Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Raoul Imbach, commenced his new mission in Manila in August 2013. Raoul Imbach is a 28-12 months occupation diplomat with the International Service of Switzerland. In advance of coming to the Philippines he labored in Vietnam and Korea.

On March 15, 2007, Raoul combined up the community in Vietnam’s money, Hanoi. A “Salsa Night” with unique Latin American dances had been held at AAC Language and Skills Schooling Centre. The party drew the participation of Raoul Imbach, former Swiss Deputy Ambassador to Vietnam, who is considered the founder of the Salsa motion in Vietnam, and well-known dancers.

Raoul Imbach - Singing Diplomat

Afterwards Raoul Imbach experienced been in South Korea. Shortly soon after he arrived in Korea in September 2008, Imbach fashioned the band, SwissKo, with Korean jazz musicians. He assembled his new band, The Xpats, in 2011.

This group Imbach explained as even a lot more “international,” as it is composed of musicians from 7 distinctive nations around the world: Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Chile, Uruguay, Russia and Korea. The Xpats played Latin and typical rock, and some of Imbach’s first tracks.

He done his submitting in Korea in August and did conduct with The Xpats at an outside international spring concert structured by the Korea Basis on the banks of the Cheonggyecheon Stream in downtown Seoul on June 2, 2013.

Right before Imbach moved to Manila, the Philippines, he had, most likely, his most critical efficiency to give. Imbach, 55, was marrying prolonged-time girlfriend Mai-Huong Nguyen on her birthday.

In  “Bbo bbo hae jo”,  they did the opposite of what most K-pop bands do, they sang the song in English and the refrain in Korean.

Owning occur to the Philippines, Raoul Imbach released “Be Cool” from the album “Souvenirs Made in USA”

Raoul Imbach - Singing Diplomat

Do you feel that diplomats, governing administration reps who carry out diplomacy, are trapped in humdrum paperwork in the business? Perfectly, you are in for a surprise. Diplomats program, manage and take part in a wide range of gatherings to assist their society mingle harmoniously with other international locations. In conditions of cultural exchange, it looks that no just one is more in shape for this job than Raoul Imbach, a Cultural Counselor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Swiss Embassy.

Raoul will have a terrific time in the Philippines. Pinoys adore singing …


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