Electric Dragonfly

Solar Ability – it is much more enjoyable! Is it?

You may perhaps have uncovered that Silent Gardens is additional and much more making use of solar electric power.

Nowadays we found out a dragonfly getting strength on one of our photo voltaic outlets …

Electric Dragonfly

… but there is a huge problem with photo voltaic electricity – STORAGE!

Our area electrical power business, CAMELCO, does not want us to feed our each day strength surplus into their community. Whilst they are obliged by Republic Act 9513, they do not or do not want to have an understanding of.

In any case, we are storing our surplus in batteries and using it up in the evening. Unfortunately there is a battery difficulty. Presently we are applying 150 Ah car batteries. They are somewhat affordable at USD 120 a piece. But any solar professional tells you that they are not a good alternative. Car batteries are manufactured for immediate substantial-energy when beginning the motor. They are not built for constant very low electricity usage. Vehicle batteries’ existence is considerably lessened when the battery is frequently discharged to minimal amounts.

Motolite car battery

Battery manufacturers also develop exclusive deep-cycle batteries for solar electricity. There are 3 distinctions between automobile and solar batteries:

  1. The lead plates (grids) of solar batteries are thicker
  2. The cell-separating membranes of photo voltaic batteries are more powerful
  3. The retail price tag of solar batteries is two to three situations higher

Motolite solar battery

We speculate about this massive retail price tag variation. 

  1. The price tag of direct is about USD 2.09 for each kilogram (see chart below). Even thicker plates in solar batteries will not want extra than 1 or 2 kilograms of additional lead. Additional fees are probably USD 4.00 by battery
  2. The thicker membranes separating the battery’s cells may boost generation charge by USD 1.00
  3. Transportation price of heavier batteries may perhaps increase by USD 1.00 for every battery from China to the Philippines.

Lead Price

When you check battery price ranges on the WWW (e.g. alibaba.com) you obtain that Chinese makers like Zhuhai Seawill Technologies Ltd. or Guangzhou Tongli Storage Battery Co., Ltd.  offer 150 Ah solar batteries from USD 20 to 100, relying on the amount you buy.

We are now contemplating about ordering a thousand photo voltaic panels, a thousand batteries and inverters, and various thousand LED bulbs. A leasing circumstance is currently being calculated. If we recognize suitable what is created in R.A. 9513, importation of renewable vitality gear is exempt from importation tax and VAT.

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