Subic Bay Tourists will have to pay

Subic Bay Travelers will have to fork out

Tourism establishments in Subic Bay were directed by officers of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) to get started gathering Atmosphere and Tourism Administrative Charge (ETAF) from tourists as the new policy was officially carried out very last March 4.

The new plan imposes PHP 100.00 for each home per night time for motels and other lodging amenities for the first 5 evenings of keep, and PHP 50.00 per space per evening on the 6th night time onward. Also a PHP 20.00 charge will be collected for each head in concept parks, beaches, swimming pools, cinemas, museums, amusement and other tourism establishments.

Subic Bay

Nicely, these service fees are known in other destinations and with other names: taxe de séjour, Kurtaxe, and other individuals. We hope that the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) is extra intelligent than the federal government of Malay in Aklan. When you get there at the Caticlan Jettyport and want to go to Boracay, you initial have to get 3 various tickets at 3 unique counters and none of the counters has adjust!

We also hope that this new fee will really be made use of for continued protection and conservation of the atmosphere, as SBMA Chair Roberto Garcia stated during a meeting final Saturday.

It is urgent!


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