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Sunny Skies and Quite Pinays – Beauty in the Philippines

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Dumaguete King and Queen 2015


Be aware: This web site entry supplements the video clip I did a even though back again on Splendor in the Philippines. You can see the entire video down below.


Filipinos are some rather damn good seeking individuals – from unique Pinays with long silky hair and even lengthier legs to smoldering Pinoys with equally lavish locks and bedroom eyes, it is not a ponder that the population of this beautiful island nation jumped more than the 100 million mark in 2015.  And to say that foreigners appear to the Philippines entirely for the sunny skies, would do no company for what for quite a few is the genuine rationale – really Pinays!

[That is our latest copyrighted slogan, by the way:  “Sunny skies and pretty Pinays….”]

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Sugar and Spice
Filipinas are a heady medley of Malay, Chinese, Spanish and any other variety of delectable all thrown into a fragile little blender and offered a superior shake.  With no a doubt (and inspite of my alternatively clear bias), they are certainly some of the most stunning females in the planet possessing walked away with a variety of intercontinental pageants (the most current remaining Miss out on Universe in 2015).  But they’re just not lookers – they also just happen to be some of the nicest and down to earth people populating the world: For those people who are lucky plenty of to have Filipinas in their rapid social circle, you’ll be in a position to relate to how sweet, compassionate and truly caring they can be – sometimes to a amount that is humbling.

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White pores and skin, dyed hair and two have contacts.

Colonial Mentality
When talking about splendor in the Philippines, we 1st have to take a swift look at colonial mentality.  One particular of the greatest items of baggage that fashionable Filipinos carry all over with them is the strategy that every thing from exterior the Philippines is far better than people found natively in the Philippines.  This colonial mentality has also pervaded the collective consciousness below when it arrives the notion of magnificence.  The Spanish and American occupations in distinct have contributed to the perception that whiter skin and more time noses are “more beautiful” than the indigenous darker skin and flatter noses.

White is Appropriate
Likely much more than any where else, the Philippines showcases just how subjective very good lucks can be – proving that magnificence is surely in the eye of the beholder.  Whilst foreigners may be beguiled by their beautiful all-natural peanut-butter brown skin, most Pinays look at darker skin to be much less beautiful than lighter coloured skin.  The quest for whiter skin takes all styles and varieties – from parasols when strolling down the road to sporting hooded sweatshirts on scooters to ingesting (or injecting!) glutathione pores and skin whitening drugs to utilizing pores and skin whitening creams and deodorants, the obsession with white pores and skin is ubiquitous.  The irony is that in my eyes (and lots of other foreigner’s eyes), “white” Filipinas basically seem relatively sickly and ill – and given that most of them don’t shave their legs (the hair is so high-quality as to be invisible in opposition to darker pores and skin), “white” Filipinas also tend to sport alternatively hairy appendages.  Ewwwww – but all over again, attractiveness is subjective.  They by themselves almost certainly assume they seem just fine….


Noses Like Hoses
Filipinas also aren’t as well thrilled about what they consider to be their “unattractive” flat noses, preferring instead to have for a longer time, far more prominent proboscises.  A different carryover from the Spanish and American occupations (and an supplemental instance of colonial mentality), Filipinas will even go as significantly as to angle their heads ahead or back again whilst using selfies in purchase to make their noses look “less flat.”

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Overlook Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach – Curves to Spare

Slim Is not In
Physique dimension is also aspect of the equation of what is beautiful or not in the Philippines.  As with nose shape, much larger and curvier is favored more than thinner and flatter, and given that most Filipinas are the natural way slender, assembly these requirements of elegance are usually satisfied through padded undergarments.  Padded bras are far a lot more widespread than padded shorts, and even if a Filipina has some natural property upstairs, she will even now normally use a padded bra just to make herself seem to be a little bit larger sized.  For examples of this “bigger is better” method, a person only has to appear to Filipina leisure stars – the broad the vast majority of them are possessed of rather aggressive curves.  The modern crowning of the Filipina Miss out on Universe (Pia Alonzo Wurzbach) is also a fantastic instance of a concentrate on much larger, Western-sort hips and breasts of which she possessed in a lot.

Dress for Accomplishment
Filipinos and Filipinas are all snazzy dressers.  Even if dust very poor, they will normally set effort into their physical appearance.  Fortunately, the island republic is replete with cheap bootleg designer clothing and low-priced cosmetics from China.  Unlike extra around attired foreigners (shorts and t-shirts or tank tops), Filipinos and Filipinas will normally be carrying nice blouses, collared shirts and jeans, no make a difference the heat.  In their eyes, that is just aspect of the cost that has to be compensated for fashion.

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As well A great deal of a Very good Thing…
Even though celebrating the all-natural splendor of the Philippine folks, we would be remiss in not mentioning some of the downsides.  Filipinas search superior and they know it.  Makati was the selfie capital of the entire planet in 2014, and you will continuously see Filipinas snapping shots of themselves in just about any conceivable predicament.   This inclination towards self-obsession is not only constrained to the fairly Pinay, however – Filipinos also get in on the motion.  A examine carried out about Asia in 2006 famous that Filipinos tended to consider of them selves two occasions as sexually desirable as other males in Asian countries regarded themselves.  You will also see a good deal additional Filipino men (mostly youthful) exhibiting characteristics of western metrosexuals: extra focus to their hair and clothes, the use of light-weight make-up and their side watch scooter mirrors becoming angled inwards so that they examine their appearance as they are driving.

Miss Philippines

It is All Superior
Subjective beauty in the Philippines is nonetheless yet another attention-grabbing example of the cultural variances among the East and the West and just how they engage in out in each day everyday living.  All people has different principles and beliefs all over the entire world, and they can change considerably from area to spot.  Being familiar with the historical reasons for why items are the way they are is just a different piece of the puzzle that is Philippine modern society.

Or – if you do not want to think far too deeply about it – just recognize the natural beauty all around you and be thankful – if you are Caucasian –  for your pasty white skin and extended nose.

Who would have considered this kind of items were being beautiful?

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