Kodachrome 64 - one of the best

Superior bye Kodak

During additional than 40 many years this tiny metallic can experienced been section of my journey about the world. 10 thousands of slides are sleeping in their containers. Time modifications but Kodak missed the alter.

Kodachrome 64 - one of the best

Kodak, the firm that brought photography to the masses at the dawn of the 20th century and was recognised all around the planet for its Brownie and Instamatic cameras and its yellow-and-crimson film containers, was brought down to start with by Japanese opposition and then by its incapability to maintain speed with the lightning change from movie to digital technologies over the previous decade.

Early Thursday January 19, 2012 Kodak has submitted for Chapter 11 individual bankruptcy defense, as it seeks to strengthen its money posture and remain in small business.
Because 2005, it has poured hundreds of tens of millions of dollars into new traces of inkjet printers that are lastly on the verge of turning a earnings. Household image printers, large-velocity professional inkjet presses, program and offer printing are considered as Kodak’s new main.

Kodak’s executives are hoping the printer, software and packaging firms will extra than double in size by 2013 and account by then for 25% of its revenue, or nearly USD 2 billion. The rest of the company’s income comes largely from conventional movie, disposable cameras, photographic paper and substances.

[Editor’s comment:]  Good luck Kodak. You will will need it. Competitors is stiff and the film field went electronic very long back. Disposable cameras are the earlier – any cellphone shoots pics and print-outlets can be identified at any corner. And printers appear from Canon, Brother, Epson and HP.

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