Weather Station - interesting side effect

Temperature Station – intriguing aspect impact

5 times ago, we informed you about our problems with our new Oregon Scientific LW301 weather station.

In the meantime we could solve some of the problems with the assistance of our viewers. A huge “THANKS” goes to Greg.

  1. On smartphones, the geographical posture is now accurate. On PCs this does nevertheless not work
  2. The time-zone is now the right way set to UTC+8

The big challenge nonetheless persists. We can’t give you access to our climate station. We are continue to investigating (see down below).

Owning now collected facts about 6 times, we located an exciting aspect influence.

Weather-Station. Oregon Scientific LW301
The broken lines of all 7-days data does not indicate that we experienced no climate. ?

The damaged line demonstrates possibly brown-outs (for non-Filipinos: black-outs) or interruption of our Online accessibility. Be sure to disregard the time-line. It is however a little bit improper. This is a authentic-time connection high quality report.

Now arrives a little bit “techie stuff”.
To obtain where by the knowledge of our temperature station is likely we performed “man in the middle” – a typical hacker and spy position, that means:
Intercept the info, read through it and make a copy and then send out it to the unique desired destination.
We hooked a laptop computer with Wireshark application on our community. The assessment speedily showed that our temperature station is sending all facts to …


The “data octopus” places our details on Google’s cloud in: “”.
The up coming step will be to put in a fixed route on our router that sends the info not only to Google but also to our individual server. Later we’ll minimize the Google route.

We hope to publish our own info from our own weather station on our personal web-site within a couple days.

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