The 20 kilogram baggage restrict

The 20 kilogram baggage restrict on some domestic flights in the Philippines can produce awful complications. And worse, a single cannot get additional baggage allowance. Right here are some hints.

Why is there an absolute baggage limit ?

Initially reason is the duration of the runway. An ATR72-500 these types of as flown by Cebu Pacific Air needs a runway of at least 1,333 meters for get-off and 1,067 meters for landing.  Quite a few runways in the Philippines are as brief as 1,000 meters like in Camiguin (CGM) or in Caticlan/Boracay (MPH). On these runways the ATR72-500 can neither land nor consider-off with maximum pounds. With the new prolonged runway in Caticlan this trouble must be resolved for Boracay during 2016. It continue to remains for the other compact airports.

Next cause is the confined ATR72-500 payload of 7,500 kilograms. This usually means 104 kilograms per passenger when the plane is total. With the permitted 20 kilograms of checked in luggage and 7 kilograms of hand-have keep on being only 77 kilograms of physique fat per passenger. The common Pinoy traveller will most likely not reach this limit but overseas holidaymakers are sometimes true hefty-weights. This is also the motive why passenger body weight is measured at the check-in. The pilots just take no danger and strictly control the MTOW (the most takeoff fat) and the MLW (the most landing pounds). These weights can be compensated by fuel administration.

Camiguin runwayIt’s awfully quick this runway in Camiguin.

How to haul far more baggage to your destination?

On intercontinental flights passengers are allowed up to 30 kg (economic system) and 40 kg (small business) of checked-in baggage. How can you convey the 10 or 20 or even additional kilograms of excessive luggage to your destination? Very first of all, it isn’t attainable to e book two tickets for the exact passenger. It is also not achievable to reserve for any individual else who will not demonstrate up at the airport. So, what can you do?

  1. The greatest answer is to pack your items into numerous baggage objects. The heaviest just one should really not exceed 20 kilograms and consist of almost everything you will need the very first day. This 20 kg merchandise you get with you to the departure airport and check it in. The remaining item(s) you send by a cargo or courier provider like LBC or JRS. The expenses are appropriate and the luggage will be sent subsequent working day to your address. Both equally courier solutions have branches all about the Philippines and you normally come across a person near the airport. We just lately analyzed this solution from Cebu to Camiguin. We paid 1,500 Pesos for 11 kg and the baggage arrived within just 22 hrs at our handle.
  2. Find anyone who fetches you at the departure airport with out any luggage and who flies again with you to your destination. This is not affordable but at least you can provide all your required items or machines to your desired destination. ATR72 do not transportation sporting activities machines at distinctive premiums!
  3. When you have two cease-overs in the Philippines with the ATR flight at the finish, try to examine-thru all your baggage. This worked for me past summer from Manila by way of Cebu to Camiguin. The CEB personnel in Manila checked all baggage thru to Camiguin – 40 kilograms! Using this trick, you will need to be early and have a approach B. If staff members at the first airport understands about the constraints you have to do some detail with your extra luggage.
  4. The final solution we can recommend are ferries or buses. Many destinations in the Philippines can be arrived at by ferry or by bus. Depending on your desired destination a ferry or bus trip may well previous for 2 times although the longest flight within just the Philippines lasts just 2 several hours. This previous option can be amusing when the sea is calm and the ferry has awesome accommodation or you are used to overland visits with buses. On some speedy ferries and some bus traces you may perhaps encounter a baggage limit! But the time you need to have, the lack of comfort and ease and the fares may possibly send out you back again to alternative variety a person.

Have a pleasant vacation!

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