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The accidental bodega and laundry

Our Philippine Dwelling creating project.  The accidental bodega (storage space) and laundry location.  First of all, in the Philippines a “bodega” refers to a warehouse or storage space.  We developed our carport employing still left in excess of significant steel roof rafters at first intended for the household but later on identified not to be needed.  Because the house is a lot more substantial than the carport we envisioned, the rafters had been way too long.  Part of this extra size was employed in producing a quite steep roof pitch for the garage/carport.  The benefit of the steep roof was to give us a relatively superior position to put our stainless steel water storage tank.  That way we wouldn’t have to create a individual tower to keep the tank.  Some of the welded-up h2o tanks towers are an eyesore and unnecessarily consider up place in the garden.

Stainless steel water tank in car port.

Stainless metal h2o tank in automobile port.

Even with this steep pitch the rafters were even now way too long.  On one particular aspect we designed as large an overhang as we could, achieving almost to our perimeter wall.  The room this overhang established is demonstrated under.  We could have cut off the overlong rafter tail but alternatively utilised it to create room for our storage and laundry location.

The big overhang

The huge overhang

Our system was to make a bodega to dwelling our h2o pump, generator and instruments in addition a laundry place wherever our washing equipment would be positioned.  The laundry area would also have a huge sink and a counter and a covered location to dry laundry.

Before we poured the carport ground, we put in the water offer and drain pipes and electrical conduit.

Pipes go in before the floor is poured

Pipes go in ahead of the flooring is poured

This exhibits the walls of the bodega heading up.


and is the storage room and the partly done laundry area.



The significant steel door is a further leftover.  It was at first built for the residence but was far too weighty and jail-like.  It’s fantastic for the bodega. The bodega roof is leftover dwelling roofing panels.

Inside the bodega

Inside of the bodega

The huge crimson wires (AWG 10)  lead to the residence electrical panel box.  They will have the output of the generator into the dwelling. Due to the fact this photo was taken, the bodega was painted and fitted with shelves.

Laundry area under construction

Laundry area underneath design

Both the bodega and the laundry region ended up tiled with economical local tile.  Why tile the bodega? It is to correct a oversight.  When the carport ground was poured it was sloped to drain to every side.  Once the bodega went up, we belatedly recognized that the slope directed rain and clean water instantly into the bodega.  Since the bodega will dwelling our generator and welder we want it to be as dry as possible. Tiling the bodega permitted us to correct this error and presents us a tiny nicer storage space.  The entire carport was painted following the concrete complete has cured and was washed with neutralizer.

Completed laundry area

Done laundry space

Finished bodega (storage area)

Concluded bodega (storage region)

The carport/bodega/laundry location covers about 48 sq. meters, larger than a tiny household.  Since it’s been additional or significantly less performed I have recognized the exact detail that many Filipino families know — that the garage is a wonderful area to hang out.  You have a roof which retains off the solar and rain but in any other case it is open to whatsoever breeze is out there on a hot working day.  Although we’ve finished anything we can to make our residence at ease in the warmth, it definitely just cannot assess with becoming exterior — and that’s what currently being in the garage is like.  We’ll put a bench there as an different hangout on scorching days.

As an aside, one particular of the most nice surprises about existence at our house is the absence of biting bugs, at least all through the working day.  Bob spends all day at the site and is hardly ever bothered by mosquitoes or other biting insects.  There are fire ants, but they are fairly straightforward to stay away from.  There are flies which genuinely do not chunk.  This is these types of a superb contrast with our stunning farm in Upstate New York.  It’s beautiful there but enjoyment of the outside is truly a obstacle simply because of the multitude of biting bugs — deer flies, black flies and clouds of mosquitoes.  Who would have guessed that the tropics could be so free of biting bugs.

The higher than image displays that we made a decision to tile the garage floor.  This was a good conclusion.  The price tag was not superior.  The tile is much a lot easier to hold thoroughly clean than the approximately concluded concrete.