The Kid’s Super Awesome Jollibee Party!

The Kid’s Super Wonderful Jollibee Party!


The children in our little neighborhood are really awesome.  We met them all months back when viewing a bald, pink Kano mowing the garden piqued their curiosity and trumped their all-natural shyness.  Due to the fact then, they have been coming by just about every working day, hanging out, actively playing in the property (they’ve fairly much killed our lawn) and having portion in Sara’s afterschool system.

A bunch of them have been getting birthdays a several months back, and I prompt to Sara that it would be pleasant to have a MacDonald’s birthday bash for all of them.  (My inate Kano-ness came out in that concept – I fully ignored the effect and spot that Jollibee retains in the Philippines!)  This was a several weeks in advance of we observed out that their family members have been going to be evicted due to a assets dispute in the community.  We bandied all-around the idea and then we located out and documented on our channel the lousy news.  Virtually quickly, we had been inundated with gives of funds to go to help them out.  This was not envisioned, and I had to determine out with my limited know-how of WordPress how to set up a donation drive.  A handful of missteps later on, we experienced it figured out.  We set up the “Donate” button and five days later we had lifted $1,200 USD – $200 to go over the Jollibee occasion and $1,000 to aid out with the costs of the families’ nipa property.  (A community is making it possible for them to “squat” on an empty great deal about a few homes from in which they now stay!)


JB 1 corey and dina


We swung by Jollibee and established up the particulars – the day out there was March 1, a couple weeks absent.  Groovy.   There ended up a bunch of selections and we checked them all – party favors, balloons, Jollibee visual appearance, special “Happy Birthday Everyone” cake – check, examine and……. test!

We loaded out the get together invites and gave them to “lola,” Nikki and Nano’s grandmother who is in essence the matriarch of the families.  We wanted the invitations to occur from the dad and mom and not from us as I actually despise that “White male coming to save the place” trope (a la The Final Samurai, Dances with Wolves, and Avatar).  Now, all we had to do was wait around for March 1st to arrive…..


JB2 Food and Sheila

Sunday arrives and matters go efficiently – a EZ-Trip is rented and everybody comes on time. (I was concerned some catastrophe would take place and the transportaiton system would fall apart….)  The young children go running in waving their invitations and head up to the party area, which Jollibee has currently established up.  The a few Jollibee staff members (who were being Awesome) greeted the birthday celebration celebrants and quickly jumped into a Jollibee dance schedule to get them warmed up.  Immediately after that it was time to play “Bring Me” and yet another sport involving cups and straws.  After that, a split was taken for the children and dad and mom to eat meal – spaghetti, scorching dogs, ice tea and tons and heaps of ice cream sundaes.  Thoroughly sugared up, the young ones then played “Dragon’s Tail” where by they hold on their own with each other in two strains, with the kid on the back again possessing a dragon “tail” towel tucked into his shirt.  The two groups then run about attempting to catch the other team’s tail right before they get their own snatched away.  This quite substantially turned into utter insanity and – logically – was the very best activity.  Yet another sport involving balloons and chicken dancing adopted and then it was time that all present had been waiting for – Jollibee him/herself.

JB 1 Cup straw game
Cups and Straw Sport


Jollibee arrived out and the young children went completely bananas.  I didn’t notice just how integral the rapid food items chain’s mascot is till basically looking at it – some of the kids were so satisfied they actually bought teary-eyed.  Observing them, I kinda did, much too.


JB2 kids with Jollibee

JB2 Photo Time

Jollibee talked and performed with the little ones and then had a very little dance routine with them.  The female Jollibee worker who was Jollibee (never explain to the young children!) was an fantastic dancer and ought to of absent to the Jollibee Mascot School as she nailed it.  Next that, it was time for the cake.  A couple of fake starts off on blowing out the candles and they finally obtained it.


JB2 Kids and Cake

However sugared up, the little ones then zoomed off to the playroom and labored out their ya-ya’s on the massive plastic jungle health and fitness center there.


JB2 Euie Wiped Out
Euie Jean wiped out.
JB 1 shiela pleased
Sheila offers the thumbs up.


Entire tummies, soaked in sweat and with some brilliant memories, it was then time to go home.

Guy, that was a Excellent time.

Tremendous specific many thanks to everybody who donated to make this materialize.  I see a bunch of people giving us “props” for executing this, but all we did was fill out some paperwork at the restaurant.  Your revenue made this take place, and we all can’t thank you ample!

Many thanks also to the North Highway Dumaguete Jollibee crew!! They have been super-pleasant and genuinely created the social gathering come alive.