The ‘Mythic Allure’ of Westerners in the Philippines, Pt 2 of 2

The ‘Mythic Allure’ of Westerners in the Philippines, Pt 2 of 2


Welcome back again, loyal visitors!  In this second section of our two aspect examination of the “mythic attract of Westerners in the Philippines,” we are likely to look at some more justifications and rationalizations that we use to describe why us foreigners have a charming young Filipina by our facet.  This one particular has triggered pretty a stir in the remarks area of our You Tube channel, and some of them have gotten pretty heated with some folks contemplating that they’ve obtained it all figured out.  I would increase a tad of warning to any this kind of conclusions as Filipino tradition and culture is incredibly sophisticated and there is also the make a difference of the unique to continue to keep in brain – generalizing with broad strokes of the paint brush can convey up all forms of challenges.

So let’s continue on performing just that.

Even though I have only been in the Philippines for a yr and a fifty percent, I have listened to a quantity of guys occur up with all variety of motives for the “Mythic Allure of Westerners in the Philippines,” some of them rather insightful and apt and a couple some others a bit a lot less so.  In the initially component of the website, we looked at the impact that income has on the equation, with foreigners perceived as staying inherently rich and a signifies to the conclusion of lifting some others out of the poverty cycle.  This appears to be a big component of the attract, and even while the money circumstance could apply also in the West, the affect it has in the far more hard cash-strapped Philippines is appreciably magnified.  There is a great total of real truth to this just one IMHO, and it’s something to usually maintain in head.

Now, enable us just take a search at some other good reasons why Westerners are so “alluring.”

  1. White Pores and skin – Even for us Previous Wrinkly Guys (of which I am a single), the simple colour (or absence thereof) is frequently employed as a rationalization for the mythic allure. And in chatting to a quantity of Filipinas, there would seem to be some reality to this.  As in lots of other spots of SE Asia, white skin is a held in large regard by Filipinos.  One doesn’t have to seem significantly for the reasons for this – lighter skin was traditionally associated with the rich upper class, although darker pores and skin was reserved for the poorer classes who labored for hrs beneath the sunlight.  Add to this the lighter skinned Filipinos of Spanish descent who were being once the apex of the social hierarchy as opposed to the darker skinned Malay populace who were generally the field personnel and just one begins to see some of the reasons for this fixation on whitening items, parasols and sunscreen.  This obsession with white pores and skin is bolstered everyday by the gentle skinned newcasters, entertainers, celebrties and substantial-degree magnificence pageant winners who look extra like brunette westerners than legitimate reps of the a lot more darker-skinned Philippine inhabitants.   As a result of all this, white foreigners of the Caucasian persuasion are viewed as an efficacious signifies of getting offspring with “beautiful” light-colored skin.  As I be aware in the online video, white westerners can consequently be found as “breeding stock.”  But as a single subscriber pointed out, there are likely worse fates in life….


  2. Westerners are far more faithful – You are going to hear this a single bandied about fairly a little bit by Westerners striving to justify why Filipinas choose their company to that of the native Pinoys. I have some really serious reservations about this one but acquiring talked to Many Westerners and Filipinos, I cannot definitely appear up with a definitive summary.  Even so and with that mentioned, I have my uncertainties.  Westerners (and some Filipinas) will take note that “we” are far more devoted and loyal though youthful Pinoys are chickboys and gamers and additional worried with “iring-iring” (affairs) than keeping in committed interactions.  Again, I do not have the reply to this (and would get anybody else’s definitive reply with a grain of salt), but as a beautiful Pinay mentioned these days at the fitness center, it rather significantly has to do with the person in problem.  Thanks, attractive Pinay (you know who you are) for simplifying what experienced turn out to be a most vexatious concern for me.   


  3. Filipinas want our knowledge and direction – I just can’t aid but giggle at this one particular even as I type it out. The huge greater part of the men that I have talked to who are either married to a Pinay or in a lengthy-time period marriage with 1 will say that this is rather a lot nonsense and only goes to perpetuate the myth of the submissive Filipina.  I’ll even go as significantly as to counter that premise with this:  Filipinos and Filipinas are rather frikken stubborn and choose performing issues their way.  A swift and straightforward way to do this is to get your Filipina a garments washing machine and see how substantially use it basically receives.  You’ll also hear foreigners increase this myth to the degree of Filipinas wanting to be qualified.  Yeah, good luck with that just one, brother….


  4. Westerners are taller and even larger – All over again with the “breeding stock” topic. I consider there is commonly some reality to this a single as peak is yet another quality that is prized in Filipino culture.  You can see proof of this in the quantity of “heightening” goods that are touted in the region – generally in the form of pills.  Some even occur with “US Fda approval,” commonly with a phony Food and drug administration certificate.  Incorporate the opportunity of lighter eye and hair coloration (and more time nose duration) and you can once again see why genetics can really increase some credence to the mythic allure of foreigners in the Philippines. 


  5. Westerners are extra secure and protected – With planeloads of foreigners arriving everyday with pensions and retirement accounts, cash once once again enters the equation. But more than just money, some Westerners will go on to say that Filipinas prefer their business in excess of that of the Pinoy as a final result of them staying a lot more grounded (stable) and productive. Typically by this stage, the foreigner will begin up with the “listless and lazy” Kipling descriptor of the lackadaisical “istambay” (bum) Filipinos who like to drink tuba coconut wine and laze about all working day.  From there, it can get really hideous and just goes to present that we’ll go to any size to rationalize why these very Pinays on our arms.


  6. Westerners are a social upgrade – Citing the historic significance of social class in the Philippines, you may well at times right here a Westerner say that his own Filipina is likely with him since he will come from a “higher class,” and by being with him, not only is the Filipina’s course level elevated, but so is that of her full loved ones who can now brag of possessing a foreigner in their clan. Thinking of that a range of Filipinos really look down on us wrinkly foreigners with their attractive younger Filinas, I cannot actually credit score this a person with a complete great deal of substantive benefit. But hey, Your Mileage Might Vary…

So, there we have it – 7 things that lead to the vaunted “Mythic Allure of the Westerner in the Philippines.”  Please keep in mind that these are all just rationalizations that we as foreigner use to make clear why Filipinas are attracted to us and not genuine concrete specifics as to why they are.  Due to the fact in the finish, every single individual’s situation is diverse and in many cases there are a range of variables at operate.

Sometimes there’s even essentially love…


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